Sept. 11 1683


The Muslim high point in Europe ended when they were turned back from Vienna on September 11, 1683 A.D. They were turned back by the crusades of the time.


God dearly loves to show His Intervention when smaller, weaker forces overcome mighty armies who greatly outnumber them. Such as at Vienna, Lepanto and at Mt Auseva in Spain where Don Pelayo and his band were outnumbered 3 to 1 against the Moors.


Interesting. Maybe that is why the chose the date of Sept. 11th to attack us.


Swami Vivekananda also gave a speech on 11 September 1893, in Chicago, on a relevant issue. Coincidence?

“Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent whole nations to despair. Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now. But their time is come; and I fervently hope that the bell that tolled this morning in honor of this convention may be the death-knell of all fanaticism, of all persecutions with the sword or with the pen, and of all uncharitable feelings between persons wending their way to the same goal.”


As my pastor said from the pulpit in a solemn requiem Mass held at my church for all who died in the terrorist attacks that day- “They chose this day, September 11 due to the Christian victory in Vienna on that day.”

That was one of their worst defeats and they turned it into one of their best triumphs in 2001. We all saw them in Palestine dancing in the streets celebrating the terrorist attacks of 9-11-01.



Yup you got it. One trait of these terrorist organizations is that they looooove anniversaries of … whatever. Helps them make their point, apparently.


Looks to be, yes. Nothing in the speech indicates that the date even registered on his radar.




Yep. God works in mysterious ways.:smiley:


From the History Channel -

9/11/1812 - The British started their advance on Baltimore.

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