September is Support a Catholic Speaker Month

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this project is designed to do three things:
Promote great Catholic speakers, who are so important to the life of the Church.
Introduce new and unfamiliar speakers, who deserve a bigger platform.
Help bloggers connect with their favorite speakers, blog about them, and build traffic to their own websites
Matt Warner, who came up with the idea back in 2009, says it best: “The goal is to create a rising Catholic tide on the Internet that lifts all boats, including speakers, bloggers, Catholic websites, and more.”
A couple weeks ago we welcomed nominations and built a list of more than 250 Catholic speakers. From there, over 11,100 people cast more than 82,000 votes to narrow our list down to 100.
Since this wasn’t meant to be a competition, I’ve decided not to release the results or rankings. Instead, you’ll find the top 100 speakers listed below in alphabetical order. I’ve also added each speaker’s home city, so if you’re planning an event in your area you can find some great local speakers.

The list includes:
Your Favorite Catholic Speakers of 2012
—> With supporting blog posts throughout September 2012
Al Kresta (Ann Arbor, Michigan) —> Carson Weber
Alan Keyes (Washington, D.C.) —> Being Open to Life
Barbara McGuigan (Mission Viejo, California) —> ilfuoconecessario
Bill Donaghy (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) —> Embracing Your Greatness
Bob Rice (Steubenville, Ohio) —> Roman Catholic Cop
Brian Patrick (Covington, Kentucky) —> The Catholic Beat
Chris Padgett (Dayton, Ohio) —> Catholic Roundup
Chris Stefanick (Denver, Colorado) —> Catholic Newlywed
Christopher West (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) —> Likable Art
Crystalina Evert (Denver, Colorado) —> Marta, Julie e Maria
Curtis Martin (Westminster, Colorado) —>
Dale Ahlquist (Minneapolis, Minnesota) —> Snoring Scholar
Damon Owens (West Orange, New Jersey) —>
Danny Abramowicz (New Orleans, Louisiana) —>
Dave DiNuzzo (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) —>
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers (Portland, Oregon) —> Real Catholic Men
Deacon Ralph Poyo (Steubenville, Ohio) —> The Blog of Edmund Mitchell
Dr. Alice von Hildebrand (New Rochelle, New York) —> Pontifex Libris
Dr. Bill Donohue (New York, New York) —> Austin Catholic New Media
Dr. Brant Pitre (New Orleans, Louisiana) —> Quiet, Dignity, and Grace
Dr. Edward Sri (Littleton, Colorado) —> Bezalel Books
Dr. Janet Smith (Detroit, Michigan) —> Seasons of Grace
Dr. John Bergsma (Steubenville, Ohio) —> Evangelizing Catechesis
Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio (Dallas, Texas) —> I am Third
Dr. Michael Barber (San Diego, California) —> Reverenced Reading
Dr. Peter Kreeft (Boston, Massachusetts) —> The Corner With A View
Dr. Ralph Martin (Ann Arbor, Michigan) —> The Ironic Catholic
Dr. Ray Guarendi (North Canton, Ohio) —> TJ Burdick
Dr. Robert George (Princeton, New Jersey) —> Gaudium Dei
Dr. Scott Hahn (Steubenville, Ohio) —> Living Catholic
Dr. Tim Gray (Littleton, Colorado) —> Pursued by Truth
Eduardo Verastegui (Los Angeles, California) —> Roses of St. Therese
Elizbaeth Scalia (Long Island, New York) —>
Fr. Andrew Apostoli (Bronx, New York) —>
Fr. Benedict Groeschel (Larchmont, New York) —> Baptismal Vows
Fr. Bill Casey, CPM (Auburn, Kentucky) —> Catholic Exchange
Fr. Donald Calloway (Stockbridge, Massachusetts) —> Catholic Biker
Fr. Dwight Longenecker (Greenville, South Carolina) —> Beautiful Spoon
Fr. Frank Pavone (Amarillo, Texas) —> Pro-Life Corner
Fr. James Martin (New York, New York) —> By Way of Beauty
Fr. John Riccardo (Plymouth, Michigan) —> The Practicing Catholic
Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Minneapolis, Minnesota) —> Unam Ecclesiam
Fr. Jonathan Morris (New York, New York) —>
Fr. Joseph Fessio (San Francisco, California) —>
Fr. Larry Richards (Erie, Pennsylvania) —> Team Whitaker
Fr. Leo Patalinghug (Baltimore, Maryland) —>
Fr. Michael Gaitley (Stockbridge, Massachusetts) —>
Fr. Michael Scanlan (Steubenville, Ohio) —> Team Orthodoxy
Fr. Mitch Pacwa (Vestavia Hills, Alabama) —> St. Thomas More Catholic Church
Fr. Richard Rohr (Albuquerque, New Mexico) —>
Fr. Robert Barron (Chicago, Illinois) —> St. Peter School
Fr. Robert Sirico (Grand Rapids, Michigan) —> Ignitum Today
Fr. Robert Spitzer (Spokane, Washington) —>
Fr. Stan Fortuna (Bronx, New York) —>
Fr. Tad Pacholczyk (Fall River, Massachusetts) —> Ignitum Today
Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM (Auburn, Kentucky) —> The Kennedy Adventures
George Weigel (North Bethesda, Maryland) —> Base Camp Creative
Gloria Purvis (Washington, D.C.) —>
Gus Lloyd (Tampa, Florida) —> Blessed Is The Kingdom
Greg and Jennifer Willits (Atlanta, Georgia) —> Catholic Drinkie
Hector Antonio Molina Jr. (St. Louis, Missouri) —>
Immaculee Ilibagiza (New York , New York) —> At Least We’re Here
Jackie Francois (Orange County, California) —> The Rosary Chick
Jason Evert (Denver, Colorado) —> Unshakable Hope
Jeff Cavins (Maple Grove, Minnesota) —> Of Sound Mind and Spirit
Jennifer Fulwiler (Austin, Texas) —> Nunblog
Jesse Manibusan (Grapevine, Texas) —>
Jesse Romero (Mission Hills, California) —>
Jim Burnham (Albuquerque, New Mexico) —>
Jimmy Akin (San Diego, California) —> Ho Kai Paulos
John Martignoni (Birmingham, Alabama) —> Jongleur De Dieu
John Michael Talbot (Berryville, Arkansas) —>
Johnnette Benkovic (Oldsmar, Florida) —> The Best and the Worst…and Not Only
Joseph Pearce (Merrimack, New Hampshire) —> Saints in Progress
Karl Keating (San Diego, California) —> The Recovered Catholic
Kimberly Hahn (Steubenville, Ohio) —> Five Halos
Leah Darrow (San Diego, California) —> Call Her Happy
Lino Rulli (New York, New York) —> The Catholic Traveler
Marcel LeJeune (College Station, Texas) —>
Marcus Grodi (Zanesville, Ohio) —> Restatement of the Obvious
Mark Hart (Phoenix, Arizona) —> Coffee Cups and Musing Moments
Mark Houck (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) —> Following The Truth
Mark P. Shea (Seattle, Washington) —> BadCatholic
Mary Ann Glendon (Cambridge, Massachusetts) —> Among Women
Matthew Kelly (Cincinnati, Ohio) —>
Michael Voris (Detroit, Michigan) —> Finding my Way
Mike Aquilina (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) —>
Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God (Tulsa, Oklahoma) —>
Msgr. Charles Pope (Washington, D.C.) —> Accepting Abundance
Patrick Coffin (San Diego, California) —> Aggie Catholics
Patrick Madrid (Granville, Ohio) —> Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer
Peter Herbeck (Ann Arbor, Michigan) —>
Raymond Arroyo (Arlington, Virginia) —> Musings from a Catholic Bookstore
Simcha Fisher (Marlborough, New Hampshire) —> Sed Noli Modo
Sr. Helen Prejean (New Orleans, Louisiana) —> Fumbling Toward Grace
Steve Angrisano (Plano, Texas) —> Beth Anne’s Best
Steve Ray (Livonia, Michigan) —> Creative Fidelity
Teresa Tomeo (Detroit, Michigan) —> Glory & Praise to Our God
Tim Staples (San Diego, California) —> Cool Cats
Tony Melendez (Branson, Missouri) —>

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