'Septic tank grave for 796 children' [Unproven claim. The remains of the children were not found!]




Let’s be clear about this - no one has proven that children from the Irish nuns’ home were buried in a septic tank! All that has happened is that a historian found records of children that she believes were buried in an unmarked grave or septic tank. Don’t believe every scandalous report about the Church given by the secular media!


Regardless of whether or not it is true, we should not allow it to shake our faith in Christ and in His Church. After all, the Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.


That’s true,but we should refute slander against the Church for the sake of truth and the reputation of the Church,and for the sake of other people who are misled by the slander.



‘Sgt. Brian Whelan, in the press office of Garda, Ireland’s national police, told CNN there was nothing to suggest any impropriety and that police are not investigating the matter. Whelan also disputed media reports that remains were found in a septic tank. The skeletal remains were found in a graveyard in the grounds of the home, he said.’


Nothing in Catholic doctrine would support the harsh treatment of children or unwed mothers.
If anything unbecoming happened, then it is the result of individuals, not Doctrine.

I have noticed that many who attack the Church attack circumstances and events, because me thinks, they full well know that Church Doctrine is not at fault.


God bless.


Some people do think that Church doctrine is at fault. They impute guilt by association. You should see the comment boxes under the articles about this story. Most people who leave comments are denouncing the Church as an evil institution,and there are few Catholics refuting the story and defending the Church.


I know, I’ve seen some of those. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing little but reading those comments since the story was first published. (I’m ocd, so yeah, when I say I’ve been doing little else, I mean it! :D)
And yes, I’ve noticed that even some Catholics are not offering an alternative perspective, and still others are readily agreeing as if it must be true, and that really hurts.
I’ve tried to rebut a few comments, but it’s really overwhelming when you’re one against a few hundred, or thousand… :frowning:

Also, I’ve been threatened with losing my account (NOT HERE ON CA, but on the other secular forums) as I’ve been falsely flagged.

It saddens me terribly to see people so eagerly jumping on the Catholic bashing bandwagon, it is like all ability to reason just flies out the door.

God bless.


My thoughts on comments left on sites are you should just state the truth of Catholic teaching, but don’t engage in heated debates especially when there are ugly replies to your statement. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to convert their hearts we just speak the Gospel and pray for conversion. People not converted and living under sin will justify their way of life and hate you for challenging it. Blessed are those who suffer persecution for my sake.
I find comment section very hard to take they are crazy and cesspools of vulgarity and whatnot. After reading a few I usually leave.


To an extent this whole episode “could” be an episode of Catholic bashing. Nothing is proven yet. I don’t know if it can be proven. It’s such a story coming out of left field, you scratch your head and don’t even know how to respond to it, there really hasn’t been a story like this ever. If there is a national investigation in that country, so be it, to find out the truth. At the same time, the National Police have already said they are not looking into it, nothing appears out of order. I know, one can say they are in on not wanting to find out the truth as well.


In reality, what can the police really do? The bodies are 60+ years old. Even if a crime under early 20th century law had been committed how in the world would you come up with enough proof to meet the standard required to convict.



An update to this story from the Irish Times…


It’s quite interesting how stories like these can get out of hand.

It saddens me that the Catholic Church is mostly portrayed as a relic from the medieval ages with evil nuns and evil priests.

It saddens me even more that a lot of Catholics I know believe all the hype.


Good grief! Why did this even begin to circulate? Where did this story originate? Was it a Catholic bashing site? I have seen nothing about it in the regular media. Is it because there never was a real story other than “Ireland saw immense tragedies during the 20th century”? For those living in caves, yes, it was a terrible century for Ireland, between poverty, the fight for independence, and The Troubles.


The story was picked up by mainstream media in places. Journalism being what it is, selling is more important than accuracy. I notice CNN already has removed their story. It should have never been shown without fact checking, but that is the world we live in.


The thing is that Catholics start buying it. Not just this story, but a variety of anti-catholic, and most of the time, distorted stories. This kind of mentality, that the Church actually doesn’t know what i’s doing, was infiltrated in the minds of many faithful Catholics. Many of them would rather side with the world, then with the Church. Many are leaving, and those that remain aren’t quite aware of the gravity of the situation. There are a few who not only raise an eyebrow to lies and distorted historical facts, but raise their voice, too. When history will remember this grave period we are going through, some of those who take action for the Church and in support of it, will be remembered by her. It is a time when saints are made, sinners convert. Through the efforts of some in the Church, driven by the Holy Spirit, there will be those who find Truth. It is painful to see the viciousness with which the world attacks the Church, but this is normal for Christians. The Church best operates when she is called to the mission of preaching the Gospel to all nations, and not when she sit’s cozy behind, waiting for others to come to her. Jesus said GO and preach, not WAIT to be asked about it. God bless!


Your link is old… police are investigating and the truth will come out… just like pedophile priest and their bling living quarters the truth always comes out eventually :sad_yes:.

The home closed in 1961 so there are probably people still alive to prosecute.



““And I think that that is an embarrassment about our past that is probably replicated in so many places where there were industrial schools, where there where mother and baby homes and where there is now the suspicion in Cork, in west Meath, in Tipperary that there are very, very large communal graves of unmarked bodies, unknown about, un-commemorated, discarded bodies.””


I note thought that truth is hindered by the prejudicial. Your links have also since become obsolete. The total in the septic tank, by the mouth of the one that first spread this forty year old rumor, was between 10 and twenty and even that has not been verified. The 796 were the number of children that died over a 30-40 year period, mostly from disease. Also, the person or persons who put children in that tank, if there are any has not been identified, much less associate with the Catholic Church. Prejudice often stands in the way of critical thinking. In journalism, it replaces it.

As far as those buried around the area, I bet a survey of most cemeteries would reveal bodies.


Unfortunately, this story has been allowed to perpetuate here on CAF for almost a week.
No backtracking, no vetting the sources, like Magdalene laundries story.
Why, I can only guess, and I’d rather not publically.
It certainly puts a stain on the reputation of CAF.


Prosecute for what?


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