Sequence at Pentecost

Is it mandatory for the Sequence of Pentecost (Veni Creator Spriritus…) to be read or sung at today’s (Pentecost) Mass. It was skipped at today’s Mass.



It was sung at my parish today and it was beautiful. I don’t remember it being sung before today, but I am not sure what is the correct form. I just thought I’d comment on this because I really thought it was beautiful.:highprayer:

Is it mandatory for the Sequence of Pentecost (Veni Creator Spriritus…) to be read or sung at today’s (Pentecost) Mass. It was skipped at today’s Mass.

Actually, the sequence is Veni, Sancte Spiritus, which is a different hymn from Veni, Creator Spiritus, which is most familiar from the rite of ordination. I have seen missalettes state that the sequence is required only at the principal Mass, but neither the missal nor lectionary state this.

I can’t imagine why a priest would skip that sequence. Pentecost only comes once a year – what benefit is there is skipping the sequence?

I’ve been in this parish 11 years and neither the Easter nor the Pentcost sequence has ever been recited/sung. Those are the two obligatory sequences.

Easter and Pentecost sequences are required… they CAN be recited, though

Correct. The GIRM is clear on this.

From the 2002 General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM) approved for the USA, which can be accessed from :
“64. The Sequence, which is optional except on Easter Sunday and on Pentecost Day, is sung before the Alleluia.”

Thank you, John. :bible1:

We recited the Sequence at our church. I think reciting the Sequence is better because it invites the congregation to participate more in the mass. Although as a choir member and cantor, it’s an easy tone to sing and I could just as easily have sung it, but Father wanted it recited. :wink:

Interesting. In the missal it would not appear to be something in which the congregation should join in on . . .

I was a Reader at Mass yesterday (the early, crack of dawn Mass, where there is no choir or cantor), and Father asked that I read the Sequence, which surprised me a bit, although I had prepared “just in case,” not knowing what was expected. Must admit, reading it felt like a particular blessing – my “final prayer” of the Holy Spirit Novena . . .

It was sang by the cantor a capella (me) at the OF Mass, and by the schola at the EF Mass. Since Pentecost is my liturgical anniversary of being confirmed (last year :D) and the Parish I was confirmed at tends to… go for bare minimums, I didn’t know it until this past Friday. I am convinced that an angel sang it and let me take the credit for it… I certainly wasn’t capable.


I put every day of the Novena another prayer/hymn/suggestion on my facebook, the sequence also! Thank you for the input of you all!

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