Serbia strikes war-like tone with Kosovo over train row


BELGRADE, Serbia - Fueling tensions in the Balkans, Serbia warned Kosovo on Sunday it will defend “every inch of its territory,” including its former province where Serbs allegedly are under threat from Kosovo Albanians.
Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic issued the warning after a Serbian train, bearing signs reading “Kosovo is Serbian,” was halted Saturday before it entered Kosovo due to reports of a planned attack by ethnic


How nice to see this re-ignite. Wonder why?


The Serbians resent the dismemberment of there country by foreign powers.


Kosovo is now a sovereign state. There is a 5% Serbian minority in the North East. And it’s"their" not “there” when used in the possessive sense.


I forget which is Christian and which is Muslim.


It’s not as simple as that. Serbia is Eastern Orthodox, Kosovons tend to be secular with a mix of Muslims and fewer Christians. There is even a catholic Kosova community.


I’m not sure it will ever be possible to have peace between SErbia and Albanian Kosovars. Frankly, I doubt there ever will be.


What a dreadful war that was, complete with Nazi style concentration camps and the works. I pray history does not repeat itself.


Russia donated the train? What is going on here?

Serbia plans to seize a slice of northern Kosovo just as Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014, Kosovo’s president told Reuters on Monday, as the two Balkan neighbors trade accusations of wanting to ignite a new regional war.

“Serbia’s intention is to use this train, which was donated by Russia, first to help carve away the northern part of Kosovo and then … attach it to Serbia. It is the Crimea model,” Thaci said in an interview.


Who has Russia to fear, now?


Any serious demographic study of Kosovo shatters the myth that the Orthodox Christian Serbians had been attempting to ethnically cleanse the Muslim Kosovar population from the region. The fact is that the exact opposite has been occuring, right down to the mass attacks on Orthodox churches and cemeteries between 1999 and 2004.

Now show me your information.


                                     Take a look at the Serb populations from 1871 to 1899 to 1921 to 1981 to 2011. It goes from 64 pct to 1,5 pct.


110 of 193 countries recognize Kosovo, so recognition is not universal and the comments about the alleged intentions of Serbia are largely based on the President of Kosovo.

Granted the sign would tend to rile people in Kosovo. The area has always been a hot bed and I am sure these digs from both sides are routine.


Kosovo is of huge mythical importance to the Serbs, and the wiki might not be free of bias. But even taking the numbers at face value, you might notice that 1871 looks to be a bit of an outlier. 1838 shows a small Serb majority and a larger Muslim majorit . 1899 shows 43% Serbs. Before the Balkan war the numbers seem fairly constant of 2/3 to 3/4 Albanians. After the war, and all that happened in it, the Serb numbers have dropped by half or more. Please note in 2011, Serbian areas boycotted the census; the 1.5% number is not reliable. If it were why message on the train?


Albanian Muslims have been hostile to Serbians since the Ottoman Empire.


Hopefully things will become more peaceful.


Serbia wants to annex part of Kosovo using ‘Crimea model’: president


It is interesting that western countries usually back countries borders remaining in existence such as with the Ukraine but yet they were very quick to give their backing to an independent Kosovo.


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