Serengeti TV show

Is anybody else watching Serengeti on Discovery Channel?

Absolutely gorgeous camera work, and it follows several different groups of animals trying to survive.

The baby animals are really cute :slightly_smiling_face:


I love watching animals in their natural habit until I hear about a baby animal strayed from the herd and it shows it being eaten by a crocodile or alligator or attacked by a wild beast. I understand that is their natural environment and the dangers they face, but I
really don’t want to see it.
I am sure the scenery is beautiful, but I start watching
these programs and then, it never fails, the cute little animal they have been following is attacked and killed or the mother is killed or abandons the baby.


I was wondering about that too. Cute baby zebra meets hungry mama lion, or hyena.

I did see a nature show about a mama zebra getting separated from her foal and crossing a river teaming with crocodiles in order to find him.

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I saw one yesterday about the Saguaro
desert and a little mama mouse who had just given birth to little babies.
Of course, along comes a hungry scorpion looking for a meal and loves baby mice.
Well, the mama mouse comes out of her whole and fights the scorpion which is bigger than her. It was amazing to watch how she would twist and jump to avoid the
Scorpions tail when it went to sting the
mouse. However, the scorpion did sting the mouse with its paralyzing venom.
Then the narrator explained the bloodstream in the mouse had antibodies to fight the venom so the mama mouse resumed her fight and won the battle and dragged the huge scorpion down into her
den for her dinner. The narrator said the mouse has very sharp teeth,

I have to admit I changed the channel once not wanting to see the mouse killed, but my
curiosity got the best of me and I went
back to see who won.


One thing I notice on these animal shows is how protective and nurturing most mothers are - both human and animals.
Kind of a God given instinct.

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I wonder how long it takes the camera crew to get that specific shot. Especially mice are timid and don’t like to be around humans .

They even had a camera in the mouse den showing the babies.

I wonder about the camera shots too. Did they release this scorpion intentionally near the mouse den?

I think someone who worked for National Geographic or the Discovery channel admitted they would sometimes set scenes up. I don’t like that they would do that.

The animal kingdom has predators though and something has to be rhe prey for them to eat.
I just don’t want to watch those scenes.

I just watched it on youtube. I really like watching wildlife shows during weekend lunches with my family.

We have watched both episodes so far. The camera work is amazing. The narration is atrocious. Telling us what animals are thinking is sophomoric at best. The lions are certainly not portrayed as royalty. They seem fragile, slow, dumb and it is a wonder they are alive. It is fun though. My oldest daughter grabs our baby and baboon walks her across the living room while we all sing the serengeti song.

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I’m following the hyena story line with interest :slightly_smiling_face:

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