Series debut: Chicago Fire, 9pm (CT) on NBC

As a mega fan of the 70’s TV show Emergency!, i’ll give this show a chance, but it better not be a soap opera. All of the clones since the days of Squad 51 have been an EPIC FAIL.

So far, so good.

It’s a soap opera, i’m done with it. Give me reruns of Emergency! rather than this soap opera.

I jinxed it. :eek: I knew I should have waited until the episode was over to comment.

BORING! It won’t last the season.

From looking at the reviews on the show’s Facebook page, women loved it and the men hated it. I’ll give the show a second chance next week, but the piolt eposide wasn’t very realistic.

I will probably watch a couple of more episodes. The first was to introduce us to the characters. So we’ll see.

I have a friend who is a firefighter and so is his daughter. He hasn’t watched it yet. She has, but I haven’t heard her verdict yet.

Having been born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, and now living in the suburbs, I can’t bear to watch shows which are set in Chicago. They can’t seem to get it right, no matter how many references to the Cubs or the Bears they throw in.

Drama/soap opera yes. But, yeah, I’m a woman, so I’ve been somewhat enjoying watching it. I don’t watch many network shows–our TV spends a lot of time on National Geographic Channel, The Science Channel, The History Channel and PBS, etc.–we don’t get EWTN :frowning:

Knowing that it was a prime time network show, I expected to be annoyed by the sadly so common sex-outside-of-marriage thing, but I was soooo disappointed that they stuck a lesbian character in there.

Other than these two very annoying things that I have to dismiss while watching, I think it’s pretty good, and like the little bits of comedy thrown in here and there.

My brother’s house burned down recently and he and his daughter barely made it out with their lives, and my husband used to be a volunteer fireman, so that adds to the interest/drama for me.

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