Serious Bug Phobia


I have a serious bug phobia. It’s really strange too. Spiders and certain insects don’t bother me at all but Ants, roaches, anything that wonders annoys me to no end. I had to move a few months ago because of a roach infestation that was already there when I moved in. They were in a bathroom wall and no matter how clean I was or how much was sprayed they always came back. Last night I found silverfish everywhere in the bathroom which is kept very clean…I wash the floor all the time with chlorox bleach. While the sliverfish didn’t bother me way as much as the roaches It bothers me far more then I think it should. I don’t know if it’s just my cross to bare or I’m just overreacting. I once opened a kitchen cabinet and found it swarming with ants which caused me to have to leave my house with a panic attack. I haven’t had a reaction that bad for a while. :shrug: Does anyone have a suggestion? God seems to ignore my prayer requests when it comes to bug related matters. :smiley:


I know how you feel :o I pray to God and my Guardian Angel to help me to not be so fearful, and it’s helping. I also pray to them to protect my family and me from all the horrible bugs that could harm us. My worst ones are stinging, flying bugs :eek: But silverfish and roaches are up there too. I told my husband I married him so that I didn’t have to kill my own bugs :smiley: Thank goodness our house is relatively bug-free. We’ve seen about 3-4 roaches in the 2 years we’ve been here, yay! Last week a hornet flew in while hubby was at work, and that was *quite *an experience for me!


The flying ones don’t bother me at all except mosquitos. I’ll kill a bee and not think anything of it but a few ants crawling in apartment is enough to get me upset :blush: :rolleyes: :eek: :shrug:


It’s all those legs scuttling along where you don’t expect 'em. :frowning:

I’m a big believer in scattering diatomaceous earth around, wherever the bugs tend to get in. It’s non-toxic to us, but the bugs don’t like to walk on it because all the ground up diatoms cut their feet.


Thats for the suggestion I’m going to try it. After looking it up on the internet I found that it’s not harmful to cats and is totally non toxic…:thumbsup: While sprinkling it around my bathroom I also found that my toilet was leaking a little bit so that’s probably why I have the infestation to being with. :cool:


I feel your pain :frowning: I have a terrible phobia of roaches, probably spawned from growing up in the South – they’re everywhere and enormous. I can think of one incident in particular, but I won’t recount it here to preserve your sanity :slight_smile:

We have a deal here: I kill the spiders, Nepenthe, who’s deathly afraid of spiders, kills any roaches. So far there have only been spiders. I kinda feel like I got the short end of the stick – I get the screaming heebie-jeebies from roaches but that doesn’t mean I think spiders are all cuddly!


Years ago I had panic attacks. I read an article that said panic attacks are made worse by improper breathing. You should breath from the diaphram which will cause your belly to move in and out. If you breath by expanding your rib cage (which is what I was doing) then stress will cause your ribs to tighten up and your breathing gets shallow and you don’t get enough oxygen to the old noggin. This starts a vicious circle of fear. I spent several weeks paying attention to the way I breathing and constantly correcting myself. It actually worked! I still have fears, but not panic attacks.


The only time I ever had a panic attack was when I opened a kitchen cabinet and found it swarming with ants…they were everywhere. :blush: :frowning: I had to leave my house and spend the night somewhere else to calm down. I think if was just the surprise of it. In any case it still takes me a while to be able to pick up a dead roach to throw it away :eek:. Bugs seem to love me too I just can’t return the favor. :smiley:


That diatomaceous earth is wonderful. It killed them all right away and I haven’t seen any since. I spread the word to a couple of other animal owners too. Apparently you can use the stuff to control flees and by feeding it too your dog or cat or spaying it on their coat. Becareful though to use precise amounts and not over do it… :thumbsup:


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