[SERIOUS DISCUSSION] Playing as an Impostor in Among Us is sinful

I know. My comment was sarcastic. I do not agree with the OP premise.

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I laughed out loud when I saw this post because I have been playing this game with my siblings and their spouses. They’re all so into it and love the deception and I just don’t care enough to try to deceive. It feels strange to me haha. And I am a huge GAMER lol

I actually do understand where the OP is coming from. I don’t think it’s sinful… but intentionally being deceitful, even in a game, seems odd to me. It’s not just a person saying “I’m not the imposter”. It’s a person Having to tell multiple falsehoods constantly. I’m still laughing so hard though because of how bad I am at trying to be deceptive.

Ironically even in Fortnite 10s of millions of little kids are MURDERING each other right now, but it’s just a video game and is not sinful at all, it’s merely light particles being emitted on and off changing colors. I’ve done horrible evil things in Grand Theft Auto for years and it’s not real and I’d never do that in real life.

It’s not necessarily lying if the normal dynamic of communication is suspended by mutual understanding… A bit like acting on a stage.

^^ This.

The “crewmates” are not real. You’re not actually on a ship trying to do tasks and unmask killer aliens. it’s a role play game, no one thinks it is real, and at the end of the game everyone walks away unaffected in their real life.

For eons, we’ve had card games, role play games, and strategy games that involved lying or deception as part of the game. Everything from poker to murder mystery weekend. There’s nothing new about “Among Us”.


Sounds exactly like a card game people play here called “Werewolf” (with werewolves and villagers instead of impostors and crew members).

I’ve played it before with teens during church camps, because I think it’s a excellent tool for assessing personalities and group dynamics while the kids are having fun.

Everybody is aware that we’re playing pretend, that werewolves do not exist, that we are playing roles which are not our real selves, and that the frame time of the game is a kind of parenthesis where behaviours which are discouraged or forbidden in real interactions are, to an extent, permitted.


Is it theft to cleanly “steal” a basketball in the middle of a play? Or to intercept a football meant for the other team. Yet people not only expect these things to happen, they outright cheer for them.

This. A lie is predicated on an intent to deceive someone who has a right to know the truth. In playing such a bluffing game, your opponents do not have a right to the truth at the time you make the statement, nor are they permanently deceived by your statements, because the truth comes out when the round is over.

It does sound a little gory, though…

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