Serious marriage meltdowns around me


In the last three months there are three marriages melting down around me. I think that one of them is done, the others only God knows the outcomes. As I am spending a lot of my day and evening talking and praying about these situations, I thought I would share. Anyone who has any thoughts or inspirations and of course prayers are more than welcome. These need the power of Prayer as well as the desire for Change. Short summary of the first situation, the others I need to keep private but please pray for them. The first and second one need a miracle.

My father’s second wife of 17 years
In October, my father who lives in the UK went out to run an errand while his wife went shopping with her daughter and and son-in-law. He returned to find out that she had moved out to the daughters. No reason, no explaination. After many weeks of trying to get hold of her, talk to her, promises from her that she would return, he spent Christmas alone, desolated. The police are monitoring everyone’s behavior in the situation, social services are altered, my two brothers who still live in the UK are keeping a close eye on my father who is now being treated for depression due to the circumstances. We still don’t know if his wife left him voluntarily or was “encouraged” by the daughter and son-in-law, who incidently don’t work, and are supported by the state welfare. My father is 81 and retired. BTW I am the first to admit he would not be the easiest guy in the world to live with.

Friends with 17 year old marriage breaking up

Friends after 10 years of marriage

If you can pray for any or all of these situations.


Well, you probably won’t believe this, but my dad’s wife just returned to the home. I spoke to her in England about 10 minutes ago via phone.

Will give you an update when I learn more and see if this is a permenant situation.



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