Serious Question about Veganism

What are people’s general impressions about vegans or veganism? I won’t debate or argue, just want to achieve understanding. Please provide your honest opinions.

After doing so, I would encourage reading the following:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/hilarious-mug-shots.jpg

As a former vegan, I can tell you that most people were instantly put off due to experiences they had with “preachy” vegans. Once they realized that I could care less what they were eating, then I got a lot of questions as to why I ate that way and what types of foods I ate. I also found that it was rare to encounter another vegan who didn’t take a attitude of superiority over meat eaters. I’m now vegetarian with vegan tendencies simply because it’s easier to eat with others by accommodating dairy in my diet.

I’m a proud vegan but your constant posts on the issue makes even me want to eat a steak. Your dietary choices are yours. Stop seeking validation for them.

thanks,i quit smoking 20 years ago ,every time a smoke nazi goes off i want to light up.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/hilarious-mug-shots.jpg i posted this earlier,then deleted know what ? this is my honest opinion.

If people want to be vegans, go for it.

After doing so, I would encourage reading the following:

Yes, there are radicals, but I couldn’t care less about them when I was a vegan.

I didn’t read it because I found the title so offensive. Why wouldn’t vegans acare about people? I am mostly vegetarian… it’s just a better way to eat. Also tastes really good. We are by nature beings whose diets always used to consist of 90% vegetable material. Only in these times are we so meat-laden. Not good for our bodies, IMO.

But whatever.

You too?

I don’t much care for meat or cigarettes, but I hate self-righteousness and a sense of superiority far more.

Simple question: Are you typical of vegans?

I associate most vegans with liberal, leftist, or socialist political leanings. IOW, I like them.

It’s hilarious.

Veganism is a lifestyle choice, objectively neither good nor bad. Similarly, some people prefer not to own cars, using mass transit or bicycles instead.

If someone finds Veganism enhances the quality of their life, that’s great.

As far as Vegans, the star Vega is 25 light-years away. I am not sure if there is life on other planets, but if there is and they had the technology to reach us, I think they would have made their presence known. I am not sure Vegans exist, let alone have made contact with us.


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