Serious question


Can a baptized and confirmed Catholic still be a Catholic if:

They don`t believe in transubstantiation, but that Jesus is present spiritually.

They believe in birth control and condoms to protect against STD’s.

They are starting to wonder if many of the rules have more to do with bureaucracy and self protection than faith in Jesus?

That they think Catholics marrying outside the Church is Ok.

So, what do you think? ( this is me by the way)


Let me ask a question in all gentleness in return. If you believe these things about the Church, and don’t believe these teachings of the Church, why do you want to call yourself Catholic? I think it will be very helpful if you would examine that question before continuing. Why aren’t you content just to say “the Catholic Church is wrong and I won’t be part of her” and leave it at that?


These are things I “believed” when I was a non-Catholic.


This has come about in the last few weeks…and it has taken me by surprise.

One month ago, I was not in this place.

I’m in my 30’s…was raised Catholic, left Church in my teens, came back briefly, left again, then came back strong for about the last 5 years…this is me!


How did all these things come about so suddenly and all at the same time?

And before this, what did you believe about the origins and authority of the Catholic Church?


Jesus himself…but I wonder if the Church has lost her way…I also feel little inspiration in mass.

Why has this come about? I don’t know for sure, but I had a problem with too frequent confessions…I was going as many as 16 times in a two week period.

I am on medication now and that is now under control…it has been under control for a couple months…I have started to question my faith a little while ago.

About 6 years ago I started to seek God elsewhere, but after much searching, I found the answer was always there…my Catholic church…


I appreciate your honesty.


Don’t go by your feelings. :slight_smile: The truth is the truth is the truth no matter how we feel. If you want stability in your life, go to Mass to worship God and receive the graces of the Sacrament, believe the Church because it is Christ’s Church, and don’t let your emotional ups and downs dictate your beliefs. Feelings come and go, inspiration comes and goes, but Christ and his Church are forever.


OK, all of this is understandable.

The Church, if she is really the Church founded by Christ, cannot lose her way, although people in her certainly can, and their behavior can cause difficulties for the rest of us (just as our bad behavior can cause difficulties for others).

My general answer is to pray (always) and also to seek understanding. Seek to understand why the Church teaches those things you now question.


I am in much the same situation. Raised Catholic, now in my mid 30’s I am really having trouble with my faith. I feel your pain!


Thanks for your responses…

Very clearly I am in a place where much discernment is needed.

I have allot of questions and I am not pleased with all of the answers I am finding or even that some of questions have no answer.

We’ll see…


I am in the same situation. This is really one of the most painful times in my life and I struggle against hopelessness and depression because of it.


To answer the actual question, yes you can still be catholic but you would be living in a disordered way.

Having said that, often times when we find ourselves holding beliefs contrary to doctrine it is because we really don’t understand the reasoning behind it. This can be especially true for us Cradle Catholics. Sometimes we simply can’t get by all those years of being taught to simply accept what Father, or Sister teaches. You need to dig into the reasons for the rules.

Another thing that you might find helpful is that we don’t have to understand something to accept it. Transubstantiation is a good example. I accept the teaching but I don’t understand it. Does that mean it is wrong? Nope, just that I don’t understand it.:shrug:

Be patient with yourself and study what is real about our faith and God will Lead you.



Thanks much!! I think you have hit the nail on the head.

I’ve never spent much time seriously thinking about what it means to be a Catholic ( other than silly rebellious questioning) and before just a while ago…I never gave much thought to transubstantiation…or Church teaching on all sorts of topics…now I am.


I presented a (long) argument about the history of transubstantiation and what the early church believed in a thread a couple of months ago. I would repost it here, but it would probably take the thread off-topic, and it is 9 posts long. I highly encourage you to read it, as it will probably answer that particular question for you.

Here is the link to the old thread. Read posts 9-17:

Let me know if you have any questions afterward.


An excellent book that you might find helpful in coming to a better understanding about what the Church teaches and why is Frank Sheed’s Theology for Beginners. It’s a substantive read, but not a very difficult one.

God bless you!


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