serious question


what is the divine,healing white light?


I don’t know in what context you are using that phrase, so it is a little difficult to answer. However, I believe what you are referring to is simply a metaphor for God’s grace.


Hi! and thanks for answering. its just that my wife says she saw this brilliant white light and it was almost blinding. someone told us that it was the divine healing white light


Is she speaking of the Holy Spirit? Who is most often depicted as a white dove? :confused:

Is this person Charasmatic perhaps?


she says she just saw a brilliant white light that she could not stop looking at. she just mentions how bright it was.


What was the context of her seeing the blinding white light?


Was she praying? Was it in a dream? What are the details?


she woke up in the middle of the night and saw the light



I have read some of your posts already as you know. Am I right to guess it was you she saw this light in? If I am wrong, dont get mad, as I said- I am basing this off other posts I have read that’s all.:slight_smile:


she woke up in the middle of the night in a totally dark room(our bedroom) when she caught herself she noticed that the light was still there and slowly faded away


I would ask the “someone” who told you they thought it was the “Divine healing white light” what they meant by the term. There is no official definition that I am aware of. Of course, Divine refers to God or the power of God. Metephorically, God is described as being “Light”. So the “someone” you refer to may believe that your wife saw something of God’s power. God’s grace certainly has healing power (physical and spiritual) so this person could have used that terminology to reflect the healing power of God. On the other hand, Satan is described as disguising himself as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14). One way to tell if the light was good or bad, is by the outcome of the experience (the fruits, so to speak). What happened to your wife as a result of this experience?

That being said, has your wife seen a doctor lately? Seeing white light may be a sign of a serious medical problem. I would encourage her to see a doctor right away to rule out neurological problems.


If seeing this white light is truly a favor from God, then the best thing to do is focus on the Lord and stop thinking about the white light.

St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church, says that whatever the Lord wants to do for a person when He allows a particular vision is already done at that time, and the person needs to just go on.

It becomes a novelty to just keep talking about it.

It is a distraction from the Lord to keep thinking on these things.


Cant stop thinking about the white light because it was coming from a person. Their eyes.


It happened to me 32 years , when I prayed to Jesus for the gift of faith. However, the white light was a Being, who filled me from within, it was not an external light that one would view with the eyes. It didn’t hurt at all, but in fact, I felt total forgiveness, mercy and love like never before. I wanted to immediately go out into the world and tell everyone about how real God is and how good and merciful He is. The light was the Holy Spirit. I have no doubt about it.



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