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ok, this may be counted as re-posting, but come on. i just want to know if u have to recieve communion to get grace into you, even after you confess your sins. i mean, does confession put you back on the path to heaven, or are you stuck at the fork in the road until you recieve communuion? i couldent go tonight…

seriously, like 14 people viewed my last post, but none replied! come on man…:shrug:


You’re fine. It is not neccessary to recieve Communion to return to a state of grace.


All the sacraments give grace. Confession puts you back into a state of grace. And yes, it does put you back on a path to heaven. Communion is the icing on the cake. (Well, it’s much more than that; but the sacrament of confession is the primary means of restoring grace to the soul.)


Of course, all the sacraments give grace.

Definition of a sacrament: an outward sign, instituted by Christ, to give grace.




The Eucharist increases your grace, but it doesn’t put you into a state of grace. On the contrary, only a person who already is in a state of grace is even allowed to receive the Eucharist.


Ever consider that the 14 who viewed your post may not have even been Catholic, or are Catholics who don’t know the answer just like you? You have to remember that there are many here who don’t know the answers, just like you didn’t:)


Or the 14 was one person who kept hitting reload, refresh thinking I was closing the window.



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