Sermon on the Mount Help!

OK, I am a pacifist-a Christian pacifist. And I believe in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:37-42, the “turn the other cheek” passage, Christ is speaking of nonresistance. Help me with a more in-depth explanation please!

This from the Haydock Bible Commentary should help you

From A Commentary on the New Testament, prepared by The Catholic Biblical Association, 1942, pp. 53-54, on Matthew 5:39-42:

… Christ perfects the Old Law on this point by prohibiting all private retaliation. He counteracts the spirit of revenge by inculcating the opposite spirit of charity by which His disciples should willingly give up their own just rights for the sake of peace. But Christ is not merely giving a counsel. His teaching on this matter “is partly of precept and partly of counsel. It is of precept: (a) that we should not seek revenge; (b) that we should rather suffer a second injury than revenge the first, (turn to him the other cheek also); © that we be willing to give up our rights whenever charity or the glory of God seem to demand it. It is of counsel that even though neither charity nor God’s glory demand it, we nevertheless obey Christ’s words literally for the sake of Christian self-denial” (Menochius) …

Wow! Thank you both so very much for deeper understanding of the Holy Gospel!

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