Servant of God Cora Evans: ex-Mormon turned Catholic stigmatist. May become first ex-LDS Catholic Saint

I’ve been trying to find as much information on the internet about this woman as possible, but most of it seems to all primarily come from the man in charge of her cause. When I first heard about her I was pleasantly curious, but what little bit I’ve read about her mystical writings I’m concerned about how genuine her cause may be.

In particular this article in a local paper from the county she passed away in mentions her revealing really bizarre things, such as the names of Jesus’ pet rabbit and mouse he had as a child in the 1st century. It just sounds so darn apocryphal, not unlike the Infancy Gospel of Thomas where we read of Jesus and his clay pigeons he miraculously brings to life, or his cursing of a fellow juvenile that results in the death of the kid. I haven’t yet had the chance to get a copy of her book “The Refugee from Heaven”, which is the alleged source of her most bizarre revelations about Jesus so I can’t actually speak to what is written there. Nonetheless what I’ve read elsewhere has lead me to believe that she most likely suffered from some really severe dissociative disorder or schizophrenia. There are also questions about the validity of her stigmata since there exist zero photos of her with any kinds of scars or bandages (unlike, say Padre Pio).

Does anyone have some more in depth information about Cora Evans you’d be willing to pass on to me? I’ve read enough from her supporters, and I understand that she’s relatively unknown so I can’t expect much in the form of detractors, but if you have any skeptical sources those would be most appreciated as well. Thank you!

ETA: This is the website ran by the gentleman from the Diocese of Monterey, California who is promoting Servant of God Cora Evan’s cause:

Brandon Cal,

I know nothing about Cora. I do know that it takes a lot of time for the Church to investigate and grant approval.

There are excellent writings of the saints that I can go to, and do not feel it necessary to seek out more.

There is no need to concern ourselves about whether a “mystic” is true or not. It is best to wait for the Church’s decision.



Very well said.:thumbsup:

It looks like her case is still being promoted and under investigation. This could take years.

Well…as with the case of Padre Pio, what made him a saint is not his stigmata…but the life he lived. The miracles during his lifetime did not count towards his case for sainthood, it was the miracles after his death, as is required of every candidate for sainthood, that is unless the Pope waives it, as in the case of Pope John XXIII.

I am fairly sure this will be the same…the miracles attributed to her after her death, by asking for her intercession.

You may want to check the Vatican website for the congregation for causes of saints (am not sure if I got the name right). They may have more info that you are looking for.

Never heard of this lady, anyway this could take years.

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