Servants of The Sacred Cross

Does anyone know what has happened with the Servants of The Sacred Cross? I have followed their newsletters for years, but one has not been published since Advent 2011. Newsletters are usually posted in Lent or Advent of each year roughly.

There seemed to be some thought of them becoming Catholic in the Anglican Rite, but then it seemed they decided not to do this and to retain their full Anglican status.

Hoping they are on the way out frankly as the whole idea of a granny and wife dressing up in a habit is unspeakable …When asked why she does not wear the habit full time, her reply was that sometimes her husband just likes her to be Wendy, and that it would not be possible for them to eat at a restaurant if she wore the habit.
And to read of children helping their mother dress for her Clothing…
She is also quoted as saying that no way would she “knuckle under” to any Bishop. So no way would she become Catholic

Yes I had dealings with her many years ago; a friend who was already in an Order was literally headhunted by Wendy James ie approached re joining here and it took a great deal to shake her off

At that time she vowed and declared she would never ever become ecumenical.

God help us, every last one of us indeed, if we do not and can not change and grow in a positive direction given time and over time.:thumbsup: Quite some years back now I exchanged a few emails with Mother Wendy and found her very pleasant and have followed the SSC Newsletters ever since. I am hoping all is ok.

I join your hopes but mine are for a very different outcome from yours I think. Yes, Wendy can be pleasant but there is far more to being a religious than that. There is the basic respect for the habit and its true meaning, for religious life itself.

She was incidentally far from pleasant t o my friend when she said no to Mrs James,and this has been the experience of others.

Thankfully it seems the tide might be turning now and sense and reality ruling… There is no way Rome would approve this set up thankfully

Thank you very much for your comments.:slight_smile: I would appreciate it if possible at some point to hear what is actually happening rather than taking on board hearsay and other people’s opinions - with all due respect.:slight_smile:

There is no respect in your posts! Wise folk take heed of the experience and truth learned painfully by others but clearly you are wearing rose coloured glasses on this person. You would do well to be wiser my child. This is a woman bent on a power trip. Abusing the Holy Habit of Religion.

Sad to see this insult to those who have suffered at this person’s hands … hearsay indeed!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Just a short reply to let you know that our Community, The Servants of the Sacred Cross (SSC), is indeed very much “alive and well”. We continue to grow and are richly blessed, thanks be to God.

We will soon be gathering for our Annual General Chapter and have had an extremely busy year. We have received an unprecedented number of inquiries over the last several months. We will be receiving new Postulants at our Chapter as well as celebrating the Clothing of Novices and the Profession of Vows. In addition, we now have a new category of membership called Oblates and will receive Oblate Promises, also, during our Chapter week.

We are now all Catholics except one. We remain open to Anglicans and Eastern Orthodox as in the past. I, personally, was received into the Catholic Church last year - so, yes, I am now a Catholic. Deo gratias!

We are presently discerning the process to become formally recognized in some form within the Catholic Church and have many highly experienced Catholic priests and Catholic Canon Lawyers advising us. It is a very lengthy procedure which can take several years. However, by God’s Grace, we intend to pursue it under the counsel of those assisting us.

Because we have had such a very busy year, it became impossible to work on updates to our web site to any great extent or write a newsletter. We have implemented a very few updates to the web site within the last week or two. On the home page you will see a picture of some of us with the Catholic priest who celebrated the Mass for our Community Rites at Chapter 2012.

Many more updates will follow later in the fall when we will add more recent photos and video. There will also be another newsletter in Advent, God willing. Many have been asking for news of us! Please continue to check our web site over the coming weeks and months


Faithfully in Christ,
Mother Wendy

Thank you for responding, Mother Wendy!

For those asking about the status of the community, I am one of those Postulants who will be received at Chapter this year. It is a very exciting time!

It is also prudent to remember that the process for any community (religious, secular institute, etc.) to become “official” is lengthy and begins at the absolute most local level possible. We must also remember that simply because the SSC is doing something we don’t normally hear about (married sisters in habits and not being required to wear the habit all the time) doesn’t make it wrong or against church teaching.

Please pray for all of us as we assemble from around the world for our Annual General Chapter! Thanks in advance!

Thank you, Mother Wendy. Great to know that all is “alive and well” and flourishing. Congratulations on your conversion also.

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