Servants of the Sacred Cross

Hi. I have not posted here before but I have been lurking for a long time. I wonder if anyone can help me with information on the Servants of the Sacred Cross? Are they recognized by Mother Church? I’m married and it would be awesome to be a Sister but it sounds too good to be true. Is this for real and in line with church teaching and law? :confused:

They are legit, and Mother Wendy and several of the Anglican sisters just became Catholic. Please do write to them.


All to my knowledge:
There is nothing contrary to Canon Law in the Servants of The Sacred Cross. However, they have not received formal approval as a religious community. They might and they might not. As yet, I don’t think that any ecumenical religious community, which the SSC is, have received formal approval as a community in The Church. A Catholic woman however is quite free in Church Law to join the SSC if she chooses.

Thank you. I will pray about this. I am not sure how I feel about being married, wearing a full habit and being called “Sister”. I’m not sure I am comfortable with that. Before joining I would want to be sure that the Servants had, or were going to get, the stamp of approval from the church. This needs prayer.

You could contact your diocesan vocations director to find out the position of your bishop re the SCC in his diocese. Some are most welcoming, some are not.

PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! be careful of getting involved with the so-called Servants of the Sacred Cross. Mother (who has no right to use this title) Wendy took $22,000 from me over a period of two years when I was at their so-called convent three years ago. She had told me se was going to become a Roman Catholic; and then she changed her mind and told me that because of the child abuse scandals in the Church, she would NEVER become a Roman Catholic. One sister had left the convent before I came, and one was left . . . but she had no private income, and I did. Mother Wendy told the sister who was there when I got there that I “did not have a vocation” but she was letting me come anyway because I had a monthly income. It was after I left that the convent was closed. I only wish the Bishop of Halifax would thoroughly investigate the scam that is the Servants of the Sacred Cross before they do to others what they did to me. This experience rocked my Catholic faith of 40 years to its very foundation, it is only now (three years later) that I am able to speak of it.

I know I will receive many harsh replies to this post from members of the SSC (married women who will swallow anything Wendy tells them in order to be able to wear a habit), but there are sisters out there who KNOW THE TRUTH. I only hope that one of them has the courage to speak up.


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