Servants of The Sacred Cross

Does anyone know what is happening with the Servants of The Sacred Cross?

I am really surprised that the SSC seems to have gone completely quiet with (seemingly again) no one knowing what is happening with this community. Their website has not been updated since Feb 2015 and their last newsletter was Advent 2011.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are taking the “quiet” route of foundation – concentrating more on developing the spirituality rather than talking about it. In the writing world, discussing one’s works can lead to writer’s block. Same holds true with a new foundation. A few peeps here and there just to let the world know the group is still alive would be nice. Last I heard, though, Mother Wendy had personnel on both sides of the world. She has personnel in Australia. Perhaps you could look them up and ask.

Mrs. Cloisters, OP

Thank you, Cloisters - I have thought of emailing Mother Wendy and since no one seems to know, perhaps I will. I have followed the SSC for quite some years now - initially discerning and finally discerning out and then just interested to see how they progress since initially they were quite controversial. Some of our bishops were in favour and approved, others were totally against. They were something too new, too different. I do suspect those rejecting bishops wanted to wait and see where The Spirit led…“testing to see if the spirit was of God” made evident in various ways over time.
Not at all unusual either in our history for a founder and foundress to experience persecution including from within The Church, perhaps even the religious community they established.
Takes much courage to found within The Church and to hang in there come what may.

St Mary of The Cross MacKillop, our first Australian saint and foundress of the Sisters of St Joseph of The Sacred Heart not only experienced persecution from within and even a split in her Order - but she was excommunicated by a bishop, later lifted. But not lifted before she endured great suffering with great virtue and heroically so.

Thank you for the reply and suggestion :smiley:

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