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I serve the TLM, but I was wondering, in this video I noticed a few servers including the MC wearing a coloured cord around his neck, it falls on his back, does anyone know what it is called?Has anyone seen one before?. I am the thurfer in our TLMass, other servers wear cassock,surplice and some times cincture and collar, but not this??
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A St.Stephen’s Altar Server Guild medal by the looks of it.

The Saint Stephen medal indeed! A local TLM parish has a “Confraternity of Saint Stephen” and the servers who are members of it wear the red cord and gold (or is it silver?) medal during Mass. I don’t know the history of it; I never heard of it when I was serving.

The servers at the Cathedral here belong to the Confraternity of Saint Stephen :slight_smile:

The Archconfraternity of St.Stephen (the Guild) is open to male and female servers of all ages.
(I myself am a member, as a senior server in my UK parish).
After a period of training and ‘probation’, servers are enrolled, and receive their Bronze medals. After 10 years service, they will be entitled to wear the Silver medal, and those who have served for more than 50 years, are presented with a special Gold medal. The medals are worn on a scarlet cord, and sometimes the Parish MC wears one with a cord which is a little more ‘ornate’, and can hang down the back, ending in a tassel.

The Guild has an annual Mass at Westminster Cathedral presided over by HE Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, at which more than 2,000 servers form all over the United Kingdom attend (and some even get to serve, too)
I’m not good with links and things, but they do have their own website on the net, if you should wish to check it out.


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