Service to Church vs Vocation

**These questions have been heavy on my heart.

If Sunday is to be family day…why offer YM activities on Sunday? You may say it is better for youth to be with “you” than at home…is it? If that is true then your ministry needs to be to the family…not a person.

If a Dad’s/Mom’s first vocation is and their spouse and children…why are they hired into positions that mean many nights/weekends/extended time away from them?

You may argue it is financial…I would say that is the problem.

It breaks my heart when the parish/diocese places on staff a person who has to give more of themselves to their Church roles than to their primary vocation as Mom/Dad.

Is there any reasonable answer? Please do not discount my questions…I have seen many many families that sacrifice much for family…they are rewarded and at peace.

I am concerned that the “professional” side of Church staff often ignores a THE vocation of spouse and parent.


I don’t see Sunday as “family time.” I personally see Sunday as the Sabbath day and a day to keep Holy. For some that may mean family time. However, the primary function of the Sabbath IMO is one’s relationship with God. In the teen years a teen is able to start discerning this relationship on their own. I personally believe it is very important to start offering activities that strengthen relationship with God that belong to the teen. This is my two cents.

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