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Hi. I am a Latin Catholic, but I participate in a melkite parish. The Priest asked me to serve at Divine Liturgy. Everything went fine, but after the Divine Liturgy there was some Body and the Precious Blood left and the Priest asked me to consume everything. He is the only Priest in the parish and we have no deacons or anyone else. But I am just a layperson. Am I really allowed to do this?

Thank you.


Byzantine practice calls for the deacon to consume the remainder immediately after Communion, or in his his absence the priest, to consume immediately after liturgy.

But there are great many reasons for the priest not to, mostly involving his health.

Just obey your priest.

Also, save for Ruthenians very little of the bread is actually consecrated in byzantine practice–just the prescribed particles.


This has not been my experience in Romanian, Melkite, or Ukrainian practice.


Thank you. I really can not find information about this. I am just afraid of commiting sin.


I cannot speak to Eastern practice, but in the Latin Church, this is/would be entirely acceptable.


It’s normative.

The particles are consecrated, and after they are added to the cup, more bread is added (I don’t recall whether it becomes consecrated by this or not), except for the Melkites, who instinct the bread.

There are more detailed explanations by people who understand this far better than I on byzcath.

You’re not committing sin when you obey your priest (unless a bishop has instructed you otherwise, in which case obey the bishop).



If the priest told you it’s okay then it is. Don’t worry. You are protected by obedience to him either way.


Thank you. I am serving there because an altar server’s wife has severe health problems and he can not serve every weekend. Being very honest, I do not like to serve at Divine Liturgy. I am quite scrupulous when I’m dealing with the Eucharist. I will ask my Priest if we are really allowed to do this. On Christmas I served too and he asked me to drink the precious Blood for him because it would be too much for him. He consecrated a lot of wine, but just a small group of people went to Divine Liturgy. Yesterday he had to baptise a kid right after the Divine Liturgy so maybe he wanted some help and he would not like to leave the family waiting. I might be silly, but while dealing with the Eucharist I always remember CIC 1367, which excommunicates everyone who desecrates the Eucharist and I am in a constant fear about doing something wrong :frowning: This is the main reason I wrote this topic.


I totally understand. I’m Ukrainian Greek Catholic and was once a EMHC in a RC community. Consequently, I suffered the worst crisis of Faith which endured for 12+ years. God in His Mercy delivered me. (PM me and I’ll give you more details.)

Tell the priest who serves the Divine Liturgy about your situation. It is his privilege to offer the Liturgy and handle the Sacred Species. Our priest always consumes the Holy Eucharist after Divine Liturgy.


A priest may ask another person to help consuming the rest of the Blood of Christ. Especially if there is a lot left and the level of alcohol in the wine used is higher and he is driving right after.


As long as the parish priest is asking you to do this then you are NOT committing a sin by doing so. The only time you should refuse to consume is if you know you are in a state of mortal sin or you have a health reason for not doing so.

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