Serving for the first time tomorrow

Well, tomorrow I’m serving the TLM for the first time. Its a sung Mass and I’m going to be the thurifer. There will be me, the MC and two acolytes. I’ll be spending a good portion of tonight and tomorrow going over my written instructions. Very nervous, I’m sure many of you can understand :wink:

Wish me luck!

Good luck! I’m sure you will do fine. Remember, most people are reading their missals or watching the priest, not watching you. Unless, of course, your mom is there.

No, she wont be there.

But I am gald that most people will be occupied with the Missals. However, we have to work with a tight sanctuary, so it will be easy for everyone to note how crowded the altar will be.

I wish you well and hope it goes smoothly.:thumbsup:

Luck for you has been wished by me. :thumbsup:

(My cats ignored your request, of course.:rolleyes: )

I don’t know what TLM and MC stands for. Sorry, I am not familiar with terms in English. Nonetheless, hope you do well. :smiley:

TLM: Traditional Latin Mass

MC: Master of Ceremonies

Prayers for ya!

Go get 'em! :thumbsup:

Ohhh, wow, how exciting! I remember I had served this when I was younger back in my country. I wish I could be still an altar boy - you are right there near the altar. How awesome!
is this you? :smiley:

That will be me tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hopefully with a better thurible!

Blessings and prayer going up fpr you…wish I was there!:thumbsup:

Don’t forget to genuflect. It is embarrasing. I know, I did it. More than once:thumbsup:

I envy you my friend, I really do. It all seems so far away now but those days were some of the best days of my life.

I envy you. Best of luck.

Don’t forget to genuflect.

What a blessing Caesar! :slight_smile: Just ask your guardian angel to guide you.

First time for me tomorrow as well. Though I will be in the acolyte role. Good times!

Good luck and God bless both Ceasar and Stu! :thumbsup:

For Caesar and Stu: God bless you both and welcome to the ranks of those who have served! St. John Neumann, the patron saint of altar boys, pray for you!

Some thurifers genuflect with the thurible pulled in. I like it when they hold it at a constant level in one hand off to the side and genuflect. They have to actually raise their hand as they genuflect, thereby maintaining the height so the thurible doesn’t hit the ground. It takes a moment’s practice, but it looks cool!

The little liturgical preference aside, maintaining a spirit of contemplation is the coolest thing you can do for a Mass and the congregation that is participating. So, above all things, don’t let the cassock catch on fire. It is a little distracting when they have to run for a fire extinguisher.

Now you’re going to be paranoid about it all night, aren’t you.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nah. They’re going to do just fine…spoken in my truest senior altar boy voice…after some forty years!

Yay! Congrats. I remember my first day of serving. I am thoroughly excited for you. What an honour to be near our Lord and serving, huh? May God bless you!

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