Serving Mary and our death

“A devout servant of Mary shall never perish. Although we are sinners, let us be of good heart and feel certain that Mary will come to assist us at death. We need only serve her with love for the remainder of our time in this world.” HELP. HOW can this not be deifying Mary? I believe all official mariology and most of the other church doctrines. But I am really struggling with how so many Catholics speak to and of Mary. I understand the new Arc and new Eve and queenship but in my formerly protestant mind this goes too far. I don’t want to be lost between Protestantism and Catholicism.

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Look, do you believe that we should imitate Christ as St Paul said? 1 cor 11:1. If you do, then you should love Mary, just as much as Jesus did as Jesus Does. Jesus perfectly fulfills the law, and no one can love his mother more than he does , because he himself is God.


I Understand loving her. But how can we serve her? And how can she help us when we die? The quote I share goes beyond love.

Based on the quote, I’d guess the issue stems from “serving Mary” and Mary assisting at the hour of death. I don’t think it equates with serving God or contradicts the belief that God alone judges on our eternity. You can offer to serve our Blessed Mother while also serving God totally. And she can intercede like you pray for a loved one. One might even think of it as sort of her mission, considering what the Lord said to her from the cross.


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“Pray for us sinners.”
Then go back to wedding at Cana.
Jesus listens to His Beloved Mother.

The closer you are to The Immaculata the closer you are to Jesus Christ Almighty.


What does it mean to assist? Does it mean to aid, to help? How would Mary help us? Does she have influence with her Son? Jesus protested helping with the wine but He did it. Why? His mother asked. If she would intercede for us with her Son don’t you think that would be a great assist? I do. My question to you is how is it deifying Mary to ask her for her help? Are you deifying a friend if you ask them to pray for you? To aid you in going to God?


It’s called Hyperdulia. We Honor Mary above the saints as She is Queen of all Saints. She is Queen of all Holy Angel’s too.

You can consecrate yourself to Mary. You can give her a spiritual bouquet by praying the Rosary.
Get to know Mary in this way and your questions will be answered in your heart.


I think you are quoting St Alphonsus Maria Liguori. If you are not comfortable with it, just ignore his approach to Marian devotion. You can honor Mary without being consecrated to Mary. The Church is a big tent.

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Of course She has influence…back to wedding at Cana.

It helped me, reading one of the 2nd readings of the Office of Readings (I can’t remember which) but basically he was saying everything that is said about Mary can be said of the Church & everything said about the Church can be said about Mary.

So when I think about serving Mary, I think about serving the Church. & the Church will be there to aid you at the time of your death.

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Where is this from?

It’s not sad The Immaculate Conception is a gift.
You do believe Mary IS the Immaculate conception?
Mary takes our prayers and perfects them for Jesus.
Again I ask if the land Jesus walked on is Holy Land~what is Mary’s womb?


It is in the Hail Mary prayer. " Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death."


I know she posted it as that who I was answering but again I don’t see those sentences equaling Mary saving us? It is not there.

Then I assume you never ask anyone to pray for you?

I believe “to Jesus through Mary”. My prayers are to God.
Mary has perfect virtues. I do not. So she perfects my prayers.

if anyone is interested in Marian devotion or a more comprehensive answer you can read “True Devotion” by Saint Louis De Monfort, the writings of Mother Theresa and St. Maximillian Kolbe .
Totus Tuus


If Queen Elizabeth sends you on a mission that involves no evil , will that offend her son : the king ?

What more should we serve the perfect Queen that wants all men to come to the heavenly king her son Jesus Christ.


actually no I don’t, and yes I do pray for others.

Well it is charitable to pray for others. I don’t pray to Mary. I ask Mary to pray for me. Like I ask my friends to pray for me and Like I pray for others. Why? As I mentioned, Jesus’ first miracle was on the request of His mother. She has influence which I do not. It is the reason that I believe Jesus performed that miracle to show how influential Mary should be to us.

or maybe He just had respect for His mother.

If you pray to Mary for anything that’s between you and God. I don’t have a problem with that, what I said is its sad when people think they need Mary to stands beside them or between them and Jesus and God… when Jesus said the only way to the Father is through the Son… that’s all.

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