Serving Mary and our death

st Louis de Montfort puts Mary’s role and devotion to her beautifully in his true devotion to Mary

Below a short piece, the apple example is what clarified a lot for me when i was doubting about Her role.

And don’t overthink/worry too Much abput it. We can never love Mary more than Jesus does and the Mother always leads Her children to the Son.

God Bless and Ave Maria

  1. (2) She enriches our good works by adorning them with her own merits and virtues. It is as if a poor peasant, wishing to win the friendship and favour of the king, were to go the queen and give her an apple - his only possession - for her to offer it to the king. The queen, accepting the peasant’s humble gift, puts it on a beautiful golden dish and presents it to the king on behalf of the peasant. The apple in itself would not be a gift worthy of a king, but presented by the queen in person on a dish of gold, it becomes fit for any king.

  2. (3) Mary presents our good works to Jesus. She does not keep anything we offer for herself, as if she were our last end, but unfailingly gives everything to Jesus. So by the very fact we give anything to her, we are giving it to Jesus. Whenever we praise and glorify her, she sings today as she did on the day Elizabeth praised her, “My soul glorifies the Lord.”


We venerate Mary as the Mother of God.

We pray through Saints if so compelled. Cancer patients pray thust. Peregrine etc.

Mary is Queen of all Saints and holy Angel’s. So I pray through Her.

We serve Mary by imitating her virtues, the rosary, litany of loretto and Also May crowning amoungst other things

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