Servite Life?

I’ve being researching the Servants of Mary for quite some time now and I can’t seem to find what their daily life is like.

Does anyone know what a typical Servite schedule looks like?
Also, do the friars say the Dominican Rosary as well as their Servite Rosary or just the Servite one? (just curious)

Oh, and by the way this inquiry is pertaining to Servite religious, ie. friars (brothers and priests)

Thanks and God Bless

Does anyone know the answer to this?:shrug:

Just click this link:



I did a bit of searching, and it does seem harder to find info online for Servites as opposed to some other orders.

Here are a few possibilities … hopefully some will be of help to you:

Vocation video:

Also, you can contact the Servites at the Shrine of Our Sorrowful Mother in Portland, Oregon. A servite built the shrine and they run it - or at least they used to when I lived in Portland - and have a monastery there. Beautiful place, too; would be a wonderful athmosphere for a vocation retreat if they allow it.

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