‘Sesame Street’ axes one, two, three favorite human characters


NY Post:

‘Sesame Street’ axes one, two, three favorite human characters

“Sesame Street” is brought to you today by the letters F-I-R-E-D.

Three beloved human characters from the 45-year-old children’s show have been given the Sesame Sweep. Bob the music teacher, Gordon the science teacher and Luis the “Mr. Fix-It,” played by Bob McGrath, Roscoe Orman and Emilio Delgado respectively, have all been axed.

“They let all of the original cast members go, with the exception of Alan Muraoka — who is probably 20 years younger than the rest of us — and Chris Knowings, who is also young,” McGrath, 84, said at a Florida Supercon Q&A on July 2.

McGrath had been on the Street since its inaugural 1969 season, when the character of Gordon (originally played by Garrett Saunders) was also introduced. Orman took over as Gordon in 1974, and Delgado came on board as Luis in 1971 with his wife, Maria, played by Sonia Manzano.

She left the show last year, but Gordon’s wife Susan (played by Loretta Long) will stick around. For now.
McGrath says these changes have been part of HBO’s retooling of the PBS series for a new cable audience that consists of more tech-savvy kids.

Yeah, tech-savvy kid who have never heard of a handyman or a fix-it shop.


Luis and Bob were on when I was a girl. There was another actor playing Gordon, but this actor has been on for I would guess 40 something years.

Well I thank them for helping me learn to count and read.


Huge mistake. They already moved the show to HBO and it’s only 30 minutes long on PBS (when I was a kid, it was an hour long and aired three times a day on the local PBS station.

Well, Bob’s good friend and owner of Barkley, left years ago. Now they get rid of Bob. What next…axing Snuffy ? Big Bird?


I still haven’t forgiven them for getting rid of Mr. Hooper.


I hope this is sarcastic…the actor died unexpectedly…that’s why he disappeared. :frowning:


I forgot all about him until you mentioned that!


Of course it was. He died around 1981 or 1982, and they had a great episode with Big Bird learning about death and what it meant. Very sweet.

One of the characters I remember watching it in the late seventies and eighties was David, who ended up in an asylum sadly, and sadly died of cardiac arrest at a young age.



When my 15 year old was a little guy, the show was still good. I don’t think my 7 year old ever watched it. Too much Elmo’s world and Abby Cadaby. Also claymation Bert and Ernie instead of the muppets.:frowning:

I have shown him the classic clips like Aligator King, King of 8 and the one with the little girls and their dollhouse and the kittens.


Well I’d be lying if I didn’t think age had something to do with it. I mean Bob is 84 years old and Emilio (Luis) is 76. And Emilio’s “wife” Maria left the show already. As for Roscoe (Gordon) who is the youngest of the 3 at 72, it appears he’s still going to be with the company doing promotional work and the like, his character just won’t be in any new episodes.

That said, we’ve got over 40 years worth of episodes these gentlemen were in to enjoy, as they’re still frankly quite educational. And just like Mr. Rodgers is still doing 13 years after his death, I’m sure these three men will still be educating kids for years to come thanks to reruns, DVD, Blurays, etc… All I can say to them, is thank you. They educated me growing up, and they’ll be educating my kids as well even after they’ve left the street.


Are suggesting that the “tech-savvy” excuse is simply an excuse?


My daughter loves classic Sesame Street. The newer episodes are not as good. They’ve gotten rid of a lot of the educational aspects of the show and there’s WAY too much of Elmo’s screechy voice. I’d love to get a DVD set of some of the first three decades, if they exist.


To be honest, they are Rarely on the show anyway. They were more or less making cameos, just like the rest of the org muppets too.

You almost never see Oscar, but he and Big Bird used to be on every day. Actually, you almost always had Grover, Bert, Ernie, Cookie Monster, The Count, Big Bird, Oscar, Bob, Maria, Gordon, and Mr Hooper / Alan on every epsoide.

Now the whole show is basically Elmo and whomever he’s hanging out with that day.

They should have spun off Elmo to his own show and had two shows, but this was PBS for years until now.

I would not be suprised if HBO turns it into a muppets only show as the years go on.


Oh! The kittens in the dollhouse! I remember that! My kids and I loved the one about “put on your overcoat” and “please don’t forget to say please.” So many really well made filmed bits from back then. m.youtube.com/watch?v=AdqFuI9XJj4


The classic episode were on Netflix for a while.


I was wondering what was going to happen to Luis with no Maria. Their wedding was also a significant event in the Sesame Street “plot”. Divorce is not an option. Even if you don’t have moral objections to divorce, it would be so out of character. Was he going to be widowed? Was Maria just not going to show up and hope no one noticed?

I’m sure age had almost everything to do with it. When I first started watching SS again with my daughter after almost 2 decades of being “too old”, I was floored to see they were all still on the show. I feel bad that they are making their exit by executive decision instead of retirement. It’s obvious they really loved their work and they will be missed. :frowning:

That being said, I hope Chris and Alan can stay on the show until they are in their 70’s too. They’re so great together. :smiley:


You can get the early years but they come with the following warning:

*These early Sesame Street episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child." *


Are you kidding?


Yeah I’ve noticed that too. Other than Big Bird it seems most of the original muppets are just window dressing at this point. It’s should be called Elmo’s World.

Luckily there are decades worth of the better old ones. Plenty to show my kids.



The show is on its way to going poof. Too innocent for this day and age.



That was several years before I was born, but I have seen the episode thanks to a friend of mine having a DVD collection of Sesame Street. Even as an adult, I saw that it was a surprisingly well done show. I saw the episode with Mr. Hopper dying, I thought they handled the topic of death very well.

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