Sessions: Choose carefully America, 2016 is 'THE LAST CHANCE'


Sessions: Choose carefully America, 2016 is 'THE LAST CHANCE’

By Paul Bedard • 1/29/16 Washington Examiner

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, a leading voice on trade, immigration and executive powers, is urging Americans to choose their next president carefully because 2016 “is the last chance for the American people to take back control of their government.”

In a sober interview with Secrets, the Republican warned that liberal special interests, Wall Street moguls, and international media conglomerates are fast turning the United States into just another member of the European Union and that the effort is being led by a Democratic president eager to go his own way with executive orders…


Interesting article; thanks for posting it.



I agree 100% and I hope and pray we do NOT let the polls or the media tell us how to vote.God Bless, Memaw


I agree with him.
I even have begun wondering if the election of an anti-life candidate might not mean that we are entering the end of the End Times…


I firmly believe that a Trump nomination will lead to a Democratic Party Presidency. So, yes there is every likelihood that we will have another anti-life President. At some point, God’s Mercy ends and His Day of Justice arrives.


I don’t think it will be so easy for anyone to win.

When those ACA rate hikes kick in later next year, a lot of people aren’t going to care about what Trump retweeted about Megyn Kelly or the exactness of his comments on “banning” Muslims temporarily.

The Democratic candidates are also very much out of touch in a large way.


The problem is, those things kick in later (no surprise with that move), and the Democrats also enjoy an Electoral College advantage. Most people won’t care about the Kelly dust-up, but at the same time, most moderates are not likely to care for Trump’s extreme statements. The GOP has a narrow path–very narrow.

With Trump, I just can’t picture a path to the WH–he simply repels too many people that are not on the right.


The Democrats advantage in the electoral college is overstated. They’ve lost governor’s races all over the place and others in deep blue states were razor-thin wins.

Even Vermont went into a recount.

Polling also shows republicans having a chance to win MN, WI, PA, MI, IA. WA and NJ may not even be out the question. Almost all of those are must-win for the Democrats.

Also, what would really shake up this race would be a Bloomberg entry. That may put MA and NY in play for the GOP.

Believe me, Trump has a path to the White House. He may not be Mr. Teddy Bear, but the issues Independent voters have with the DNC aren’t going away soon and people aren’t going to care what he said about Megyn Kelly, other celebs or Islam when their insurance rates go up later next year and when the economy will still be circling the drain. And that’s all with (heaven forbid) no more major terror attacks.

Plus, look at the DNC field. It’s a lot of old, rich, establishment northeast elite whites. Young people, minorities and even single women aren’t as excited about that as they were about Obama.

Besides, Sanders is a socialist of sorts, Martin O’Malley’s running mate was soundly defeated in Maryland’s 2014 gubernatorial race, and Clinton’s negatives have caught up with her between her lengthy career and alleged scandals.

I’m supporting Ted Cruz in this race for now, but Donald Trump is more than able to win the White House.

I’m not saying the DNC is done. After all, never underestimate the ability of the “GOP to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” as Hannity said.

But this nonsense of Hillary Clinton inevitably being the next president and no one–dem, rep or ind, should dare challenge her, was busted long, long ago as is any notion that the Democrats have a blue wall. They’ve got MA and NY unless Bloomberg runs, but it’s still well short. People in the Midwest and the Rust Belt are pretty fed up.


I don’t think Clinton is inevitable. I do think she is likely to win.

You have to think about the populace. In very rough numbers, one third leans left, one third leans right, one third sits in the middle. The anger is coming from the right, not from the middle or the left. That means roughly two-thirds of the nation is not experiencing the same anger that the right feels. Now, enter Trump, an abrasive celebrity with absolutely zero experience in politics, and he spews all sorts of extreme statements. He will not attract anyone one on the left, and he is not likely to attract very many in the middle.

I do not believe the middle will want an avowed Socialist, so my guess is Hillary wins the nomination–maybe not easily, but she wins. Then, even if you are right and some of those states are in play, they won’t be with Trump as the candidate because he is just too abrasive.

I also believe Clinton will be cleared of all wrong doing well before the race gets very close. She will have the benefit of a EC advantage, of having Bill as a First Husband, as being the first woman President, and as the one to hold a third Obama term.

If Trump wins the nomination, I predict Hillary wins, 51%-48%.

I also think if Trump wins the nomination, many will stay home and not vote, the same thing happened when Romney won. Many on the right look for perfection, sadly. They don’t seem to understand the concept that perfect is the enemy of the good. Romney was and is a good man and would have been a good President–some do not want good, they want perfect.


I don’t think anyone can predict today who is going to get nominated, but I personally aren’t afraid so much of Trump or Hillary, but Bernie Sanders. Many people are behind him, young people especially, who don’t understand what socialism even is, although we’ve been tilted gradually that way for a few years. Free everything causes problems on those paying for it and receiving it. If you won’t pay for your college education, you won’t appreciate it much. I’d suggest to them to either get a scholarship or work your way through with a job, even if it takes longer. History seems to be repeating itself. I’m thinking of the 1972 election with Eugene McCarthy and the 1964 one with Goldwater.


I don’t believe the GOP will allow Trump to be their candidate.


What do you think they will do to stop him?


There’s plenty of evidence that Bernie Sanders is clueless regarding economics (just do a quick Google search of it). But furthermore, he claims to be against the military-industrial complex, but has also said he would continue Obama’a drone strikes. He also voted to continue the War in Iraq and to fund the NSA.

And I’m a young person (a Rand Paul supporter), and it’s frightening how gullible my generation is towards Bernie’s policies.


I guess there is really noting if he wins the caucuses but I just can’t wrap my brain around them virtually handing the WH to clinton.

Maybe something will be dug up from Trump’s past. :shrug:


Dole and Orrin Hatch have both endorsed Trump, at least for the Iowa race. That tells us something though I’m not sure what. Perhaps, there was more of a chance months ago, the GOP would try an end run to keep Trump out.

But a lot of your pundits predict a brokered convention nonetheless.


I hear Jerry Fallwell endorses Trump so there’s that. :slight_smile:


I do agree that a Trump nomination certainly gives Hillary the edge. I can’t understand why more people don’t see the same. Oh well.


Trump has proved a lot of people wrong. So, who knows. I just don’t see independents and moderates voting for Trump.


Sorry; I don’t see really see any candidate from this lot from either major political party being a Knight in Shining Armor and saving this nation from secular liberal values. :shrug:


Every election cycle I hear politicians say it is the last chance concerning something or other, although it may be the last chance for the Republican Party to remain a major party if they lose the White House again. Somehow I doubt this as well. These political pronouncements remind me of doomsday prophecies.

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