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Hi , hey as anyone out there used Seton Home Schooling? If so how did you like it?


I use some of Seton’s materials for my children in grades 4, 6 and 8. They are authentic Catholic text/workbooks and the children’s knowlege of church history and the saints just grow like crazy when using these books. For example, the middle school Handwriting workbook has the child practice their handwriting by copying essays about cathedrals in each major country in the world. I have not used the full-blown program as it has been out of our budget and also I am told it is very demanding. I do recommend their materials. I also use Catholic Heritage materials; they are good Catholic materials, too. :slight_smile:

God bless.


I have not but I've heard a lot of people using it. How old are your kids?

Mine are young. I'm actually doing my first year homeschooling with my kindergartner. We're using Catholic Heritage Curriculum and loving it! Just wanted to post that in case you haven't heard of it. Not trying to steer you away from Seton as it seems to be a good program too.


I’ve been home schooled for most of my life and used Seton every year but this yr. It’s pretty good. You learn A LOT about the church and saints.


I have been homeschooling since my daughter was in the third grade and she is now in the sixth grade. We have always used Seton. Seton is very solid in the Catholic Faith and all their text books exhibit that from History to Science. It is not just in the Religion class.

The only thing I would say is that Seton is a very difficult program or a more advance program. I would say it is set for college bound students. For example, they have a book report every quarter. I have talked to other mothers in other programs and they don't have any book reports or only one book report a year. So it depends on what you want for your child. When I go on the discussion board of the Seton website and sometimes complain how difficult the program is and how time comsuming is it, I get students, usually past High Schoolstudents, sending me PM to me and telling me not to give up and to continue. Most of them tell me that HS was very difficult for them but when they got to college it was a breeze for them. They passed with A's for Seton prepared them that well for it. They said they would not have had it any other way. My dd at times feels overwhelmed, but the thing is that she does the work and still gets A's and B's in them. When she gets lower grades, then I will be concerned. She never finishes the book reports on time, but then we go into the summer with them, but that is okay, she can read in the summer too.

I love the structure Seton has and I have always have great dialogue with one of the counselors. If I need to talk to her, she calls me or I call her. We email to each other and she also prays for my needs. I love them all and they are caring. Recently, my daughter's Religion book just came apart and I emailed them and told them about it and they are sending me another one free of charge. They really work with you. I have not had a problem with them. If you want an easier program, this is not it.


Thank you all for your reply. Our son is in 7th grade, and the books are on the way!! I have never home schooled I am a bit nervous about it. The public school he was in was kinda rough, he got pushed down and punched:mad: by an older kid, that was the last straw.
Thank you all again, take care and God bless


I do not have any personal experience with it, but I have heard lots of good things about Seton. I plan on homeschool my little ones when the time comes and although it's still a few years off, I am probably going to do Seton. I like the structure and rigor of the curriculum. I do not want to have to worry about whether my children are learning enough.


Love, love, love Seton. It is very structured, very Catholic and very strong academically. We very much did Catholic School at home, which some homeschoolers are against, but it worked for us. Meaning, I printed out the daily lesson plans and our sons did the work each day. What was not finished by about 2:30 was homework..after sports and scouts, etc.

I sent in quarterly tests and reports to be graded. I called teachers or had the boys do so when needed. I went on their discussion board for help and fellowship with other homeschooling parents. I used Seton's record keeping and report card system. We used it for years and loved it (eventually we moved them to parochial school).

I agree that it is a program of RIGOR. But, remember that you can pace yourself. One son went almost year round. The work was hard for him. That was fine. They were both well prepared.

By the way, on the site where you can by extra books, etc. they sell shirts. We got the boys Seton shirts for fun. Came to find they liked them! The oldest still has his collared one and they both would where them to weekday Mass and sometimes to homeschool enrichment things we did.

Seton is very, very good and worth every penny. Enjoy homeschooling your son!



Thank you Taben, your words made me feel better!!
All of your answers helped, It is just a new experience for us!! I do like how Catholic it is!! I am learning things too!! I just hope we can keep up the pace, I am not the most organized person in the world! Tommy seams to like it, but I may have to slow down a bit, and give him less each day.Thankyou all again, take care and God bless, Marcia


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Hi , hey as anyone out there used Seton Home Schooling? If so how did you like it?


I used Seton when I homeschooled. LOVED IT. It is very indepth. A lot of work. When my kids started going to catholic school they were about a year ahead...especially in the religion area :). Also, I was converting at the time we used Seton and I learned along with my kids.
Good luck and God bless


Seton is very good. Just remember to be flexible when it comes to the work.

I've only used bits and pieces of the curriculum throughout my 8yrs of homeschooling but they have excellent prices and great customer service.
My girls are attending Catholic school this year and I'm not so impressed with the religion books they use. So I plan on getting our own to go through on the weekends or when my girls don't have homework. I'm much more impressed with what Seton has for religion then what our school uses.

I also like CHC as well. I plan on getting the prek/K for my 4yr old for some extra work to do.


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