Setting up a Catholic library?

Hi all,

My friends and I are planning in setting up a Catholic library in my area. There are 4 parishes but none is having a library.

I intended to do it independently, where I’ll post the title online (on a blog/social media) then people can contact us to borrow the books.

Think about it, I might want to talk to my parish priest. I might get lucky if he agrees, otherwise I’ll just stick to my plan.

Do you have any experience to share? or any suggestion?

Thanks a lot all, God bless you.

The two biggest things you need are space for the books and a person to coordinate the effort. If you are stepping up, then you have the second one taken care of. The only thing left is a place for the books. :slight_smile:

If you have the possibility of working with your parish (or any of the other parishes in your area), I think that would be preferable to doing it on your own. It makes it easier to let people know about it and – if it is right there – people can browse through the books after Mass. But, of course, doing it on your own is preferable to not doing it at all. :slight_smile:

My parish started one a few years back. The pastor had an old storage room off the Church hall cleared out for the library. I think they even post the titles online via some free library cataloging website. I’m not sure if they have kept that up-to-date or if they just did that initially, though. I haven’t checked it out online since the library first opened. :o

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