Setting up a prayer group

Anyone done this in their parish?
Any tips in this type of undertaking?

Get approval from the pastor FIRST.
Second, make sure you can book a place at the parish weekly. Most space has to be reserved in advance with approval of whomever handles this at the parish.

When you advertise it in the bulletin, do so about 2 weeks in advance, stating where when, and what type of group it is:

Will it be devotional prayers? General prayers? Scripture based reflection? Will people be asked to lead prayer? Can people submit intentions to your group? Who is going to be the go-to person as a contact. Will a priest or Deacon stop in from time to time? It’s best to have a Deacon or someone similar on board, in case you should ever have a problematic member…someone who needs counseling, or direction for example…someone grieving very heavily, things that might need extra pastoral care.

Consider all of this, and you’ll be fine.

As Clare stated, check with your Pastor first. We have a weekly Prayer Group in the Church lead by a Deacon. It consists of Exposition & Benediction. We pray the Rosary, Miraculous Medal Novena & the Chaplet of Divine Mercy followed by a meditation by the Deacon & then quiet Adoration. It usually last about an hour or hour & a half. Very well attended.

Thanks. I have Priest approval today. Yay!
He wants to be kept informed.
This group is to facilitate prayers and honouring Our Lady of Fatima on the 13th each month between May and October 2017. Pope Francis is granting a Plenary Indulgence each month , and no doubt will have intentions we should pray for.

There must be a statue of Our Lady of Fatima in a public place so the faithful can come and pray each month. Of course all conditions for the indulgence must be met, communion and reconcilliation. The priest has approved a statue in place for this day each month.

Now I am very new to the Diocese and having come up with this idea, am finding lots of support for it.

There seem to be groups, factions, Other prayer groups, rosary groups, probably other Blessed Virgin Mary Groups. But no solely Our Lady of Fatima Groups.

What I want to do is unite them , those who want to join in, for this group. For the 6 months of the anniversary. I am hopeful I can keep the rural contingent of the group going as a new group indefinately. With Prayers and a get together. And opening our little rural churches a little more often.

My next step is to write a little invite that wont offend any long standing parishoner or group, to express interest to meet and form our 6 mth Fatima group. My lovely priest said it could include a retreat he has in mind for the anniversary.

Any help wording a diplomatic invite would be great! :pray:t4:

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