Seven Films comprising each of the Deadly Sins!

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My name is Miguel Velez and I am catholic filmmaker. Even if I consider my profession to be an important fact of who I am, it is not what but the why that really matters to me. The world is an auditorium. Most people remain on the stands; a small percentage has the venture to perform, and a minuscule fraction have the courage to make a difference!

Entertainment grows old in the blink of an eye and entertainers exhaust themselves searching for new ways to amuse. Art never ages and ideally acts on the soul, shaping its spiritual structure (Andrey Tarkovsky’s Sculpting in Time).

A group of talented filmmakers and I have set ourselves to make seven films comprising each of the deadly sins, The Seven Poems of Saligia. Since April 12th until May 26th of the current year we are holding a public funding campaign on to raise the financial resources to make the first film, Ricinus Communis. Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

We are aiming to offer the world a renovated vision of ourselves yearning to understand the meaning of our existence in order to affirm the value of the individual for its own sake.

Please take a few minutes to find out more about our project and comments, Back it, or spread the word!

The links:

Kickstarter, the Campaign (Video with Subtitles is the third video on the page):

Video with Subtitles on Youtube:

The movie’s web page:

Facebook page:

My web page:

My most recent movie, Rebellious Children of the Unconscious:

Ricinus Communis “Sneak Peek”:

Manifest (Our philosophy behind the project):

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Miguel Vélez

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