Seven in 10 Poles back Hillary Clinton: report (RP)


Sixty-eight percent of Poles would vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton if they could cast a ballot in the US presidential elections, the Rzeczpospolita daily has reported

What Polish people are concerned about is Trump’s apparent intention to dismantle Western institutions from the World Trade Organization to NATO and strike a deal with Vladimir Putin without taking into consideration the interests of Central and Eastern Europe, the paper said.,Seven-in-10-Poles-back-Hillary-Clinton-report


And 10/10 polls!


I wasn’t aware that Polish citizens had an inside track into American presidential politics. As far as I am concerned they can come pick her up and the “Don” while they are at it, and cart them both off to Europe. :smiley:


I second that !:thumbsup:


Ahaha. I see what you did there. :wink:


Another new poll came out today -

99.9% of ISIS would cast their vote for Hillary Clinton to!:rolleyes:


I have a relative from Poland who would be one of the 7 in 10 that would vote for Clinton.


70 pct of Poles are for abortion and same sex marriage ?


Hmmm…good point…


Why do the majority of Poles hate us?


The USA and UK abandoned Poland to Stalin in 1945 - that’s why Poles don’t trust us.
(My wife was Polish)


I know before I vote I always ask myself “but what do the Poles think”. :rolleyes:


You shouldn’t care.

Someone on another thread told me that I wasn’t an anti-fascist because I didn’t vehemently oppose the far-right in other countries such as Marine LePen or even Donald Trump (especially when I don’t like Hillary that much).

Similarly, although Poles are very socially conservative and anti-communist, they wouldn’t mind the fairly liberal social stances of Hillary Clinton that would primarily affect US citizens because they feel more assured that Hillary Clinton would support an anti-Russian geopolitical stance.


I doubt that. I also doubt they follow all the nuances of the candidates stances either. I’m like come on…they are a half a world removed from our nation. Based on this comment I’ll presume you know the current leader of Poland’s positions on all the major issues. I know I don’t.


Compared to the rest of Europe, Poland is still pretty socially conservative. Compared to the way they were a decade or two ago, they’ve gone down hill noticeably. Things that were unimaginable in the 90’s are beginning to occur there now.


I also do not care about the nuances of Marine Le Pen’s political views. If she is against imperialist military intervention, not committing mass murder, or repressing people then she is fine. It would be up to the French to oppose and denounce her.

I could guess about the leader of Poland. Wikipedia says he is now “independent” as opposed to being in the Law and Justice Party. I suppose he opposes abortion and is anti-Russian.


Their priority system is different, Poland being a poor country. I communicate with a few relatives living over there.


And vice versa.



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