Seven Sorrows Band needs help


Seven Sorrows is back in business (so to speak :slight_smile:

We are looking for anyone to help us out with web design, artwork, promotion, social networking etc.

I know you are very busy, so if you can’t help, could you point us in the right direction. I know that you know all the best:
podcasts, strong catholics, good Catholic websites, Catholic musicians.

We are starting everything from the ground up (again), so it will be a ton of work.

God Bless

Social networking suggestion, kinda-sorta: Can you share any mp3’s (for promotional use only) or guitar tab so that your song becomes practice material for people practicing guitar and it gets into circulation quicker? Also, I would definitely send a promo copy to WFMU, the legendary freeform station in NJ/NY - I can’t keep track of how much new music, of every imaginable genre, I’ve heard them play. (I see no reason why they wouldn’t play Catholic music that gets sent.)

Thank you for your help. Check on our website in about a week or less and you will find 2 new songs and a new site, etc. (free mp3s). And we ask you tell everyone you can. Email if you need more details.

God Bless

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