Seven Sorrows of Mary Rosary


Yesterday I said this rosary for the first time and I had an odd experrience. I have felt beautiful presences before while saying the Rosary (Christmas Eve was particularly powerful for me) but yesterday I just…I felt like I was feeling her fear, her apprehension and I wept while saying it. Does this happen to anyone else or is this a case of my imagination running away with me?




I definitely relate to what you’re saying. I’ve had a lot of awful experiences during the Passion Rosary, feelings of pain, emotional ups and downs, vivid images of Christ’s Passion in my mind. I personally see these things as a real joining with Christ’s sorrows, though obviously far, far less than the saints experienced, because I am so much less close to God than they. But I do believe they’re real. Whether they’re real or come from us, though, God can use them to help us to relate better to Him or His Mother.

The Passion Rosary is always a very hard one for me to pray. For a while I even tried to abandon it because the experiences were so intense. The Rosary is just such a powerful prayer . . .

But stick with it. When you have such experiences, they can help draw us closer to God or His Mother. I think that’s why He allows us to experience them.


Maybe Our Lady is helping you understand the Passion better. :slight_smile: I don’t see anything wrong with this… it might be a grace

God bless


Thank you both for your kind responses. When I was a Protestant and had strong reaction to prayer I would back away for a while thinking that I was doing something wrong or getting too wrapped up in it. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong.


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