Seven Sorrows Rosary


It was St. Bridget.


I love the Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. I try to say it every day during September and Lent and regularly outside those times, as well.

I was given my 7x7 chaplet by a woman I hardly knew with just the briefest of instructions on how to say it. This was about three years ago, in our adoration chapel. I fell in love with it. I do not consider it a replacement for the Rosary so I don’t say it *instead *of my 5-mystery meditation. I consider it a privilege to share these sorrows with the Blessed Virgin and will happily say both chaplets in a single day.


After attending a retreat with immaculee ilibagiza, I pray the chaplet of seven sorrows daily. For the poster who said that she could not find an affordable chaplet, see if there is someone in your parish who makes rosaries or check ebay. There are often old rosaries or chaplets there. There is also a woman from Minnesota who sells lovely knotted cord rosaries and chaplets which she makes herself. I use one of her knotted cord chaplets. I paid $6.00 for it. She has rosaries and chaplets on ebay all the time.


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