Seven sorrows rosary?

I listened to a talk at a retreat I went on and the speaker mentioned the seven sorrows rosary. I had never heard of it before, I ended up purchasing one. I’m just a bit confused over how to pray it properly. I’ve gotten different directions depending on where I go online. Does anyone pray it here and have suggestions?
Also, should I give preference to regular rosary or the sorrows one?

I can’t really address the other questions, but this one I can tell you no one but you can answer. Your preference is your preference; rosaries and such are private devotions - do what works for you.

Members of the secular order of the Discalced Carmelites have posted a Seven Sorrows Rosary on YouTube. I find it to be an excellent contemplative prayer.

As to which to offer, which appeals to your spirit on a given day?

I have a copy from Acta Publications of Scripural Meditatations for the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Franciscan Crown, Seven Sorrows (Dolors), and Dominican Rosary.
Following Franciscan tradition, I like praying the Franciscan Crown on Saturdays. I pray Dolors on Friday. I obtained my Seven Sorrows rosary from the Servites. It’s beautiful, depicting each of the mysteries on the Our Father bead.

Just want to share the photo below. Thought you might be interested:


It is also known as the Servite Rosary (the “standard” Rosary is the Dominican Rosary). Here is one method for praying it.
Since the Rosary is a personal prayer, you can pray it when you want. I would suggest praying it on either Tuesday or Friday in lieu of the Sorrowful mysteries.

There are many chaplets that are not “rosaries”. I have quite a collection and make many lesser known chaplets.

This talks about the 7 Sorrows:

My special devotion is to the precious blood chaplet, and the Sacred Heart chaplet.

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