Seven Wounds of Christ

Tonight at Mass while the Priest consecrated the host I kept thinking (and muttering out loud, which was embarassing to me) “The Seven Wounds of Jesus Christ.”

I have no idea why. I always thought of the five wounds of Christ.

Now I am looking it up on the Internet and find there are seven wounds, and many of the prayers are tied to St Bridget.

I mean, it’s kind of weird and spooky.

Should I be praying this?

And I was reading about the Saint Bridget’s 7 Wound Prayers for 12 Years in one of the above links.
No purgatory? Is that really just? I’ve done a lot of bad stuff, yes I confess (every once in a while, I think I confess all or most of it, but I expect at least a couple few slaps on the wrist.

I’ve never really known about St. Bridget before.

I mean, has anyone else experienced something like this?

as far as the five promises go, you are praying, not casting a spell. there is no real guarantee that any of that will happen to you.

I’ve read of similar devotions that have similar indulgences and promises attached. I’m not completely certain of the veracity of those promises (I’m pretty sure this website has a list of approved ones somewhere though), but if nothing else, that does devote a lot of time and energy into prayer and meditation, so even if you still go to purgatory, you devoted a significant amount of your time in life to meditation on Jesus’s Passion.

All in all, these promises associated with this devotion aren’t meant to be prayed like a spell, or even necessarily prayed for the promises themselves. At it’s core, they should be prayed out of love and thanksgiving for Jesus’s suffering for us. The promises I’m sure derive from the effects of such an adamant devotion to Jesus’s Holy Wounds and the effect that love for God has on one’s spiritual life, rather than a set effect of praying the words in a set order. With all such things, their… power? Is given by God as a grace for your personal energy and love and devotion rather than the fact that you said some words in order.

I wouldn’t describe it as spooky really. It’s not necessarily a get out of Purgatory free card like it sounds. But one has to consider the level of commitment one would need to say the prayers every day faithfully for twelve years. I wouldn’t bank on one website’s claims, but I would certainly be willing to trust in God’s Mercy being sufficient to fulfill such promises.

The Brown Scapular also has some similar promises associated with it if I’m not mistaken, with similarly rigorous requirements. I’ve never heard of this devotion, but it sounds, if nothing else, like a good way to meditate on Jesus’s love for us.

A lady in a chapel gave me the booklet of the 15 Prayers of St. Bridget, and after that I was able to pray the prayers daily for a year.

I’ve never been able to pray lengthy prayers every day for a year without missing one before or since, far from it. It was a special assistance and mercy.

Some people spend more time in purgatory than they spent alive on this earth… even many times more because their penance is no where near done in this life.

Finding mercy through the promises of God is a special escape for those who can find it.

Prayers with promises are the way to go if you at all can!

Find all the prayers with promises you can and pray them for your sake and share them with others!

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