Seventeen (magazine) encourages birth control, abortion, and deception

In a recent issue of Seventeen, an American magazine aimed at teenage girls which discusses fashion trends, celebrities and lifestyle choices, the writers encourage young girls to go behind their parents’ backs in order to procure birth control pills and to support the work of Planned Parenthood. Read here:…7?click=main_sr

This magazine, which is highly impressionable on all young girls in their formative teens, has crossed the line. Even though the writers answer a question specifically asked by a 19 year old girl, there seems to be little regard for girls as young as 13 and 14 who also have subscriptions or their parents.

Girls already have enough pressures during their teens, especially in a society that values their bodies and not their mentality. In addition, teenagers are naturally insecure about discussing life issues with their parents. Rather than simply encouraging these young girls to discuss such issues with their parents, much less advocating chastity, the magazine opens the door for girls of all ages to discontinue their relationship with mom and dad for the sake of a tiny pill and the possibility to procure one of over 50 STDs.

Dude, it’s everywhere. It’s mainstream. We are the ‘counter culture’ now. I was reading my wife’s Parents or Parenting mag (forget which one) and they had an article and a giveaway for a lipstick or nail polish shaped vibrator, and talked about it like everyone has one.

It’s on TV, it’s in family publications now, it’s everywhere. You just have to tune it out.

Was this news to you?! Seventeen has been like this since…I was 17 (and I now have young teens of my own!!)

Urgh. All of those magazines are poison. They encourage girls and women to pursue men, shopping, and dieting as their lives’ greatest goals.

Seriously, ladies, do yourself a favor and boycott all of them. Your self-image and self-esteem will go through the roof.

Yes, as a 27 year old male, I don’t typically read magazines aimed at teenage girls. This issue was brought to my attention via Catholic Connection hosted by Teresa Tomeo, and I mention it here, and my opinion, for those who may not be aware.

I wonder, is there a publication out there for preteen/teen girls that is not like Seventeen and all of those other ones.

My 9 year old has Boys Life, which is put out by Boy Scouts.

Anything like that for girls? As far as I know Girl scouts does not have a periodical.

I do believe that the Girl Scouts put out a magazine called Girls’ Life. I know that I’ve seen it at a friend’s house who is deeply involved in GS. I can’t attest to the appropriateness of it, however, as I’ve never read it.

I’ve heard of Brio, but I don’t have personal experience with it.

I have been reading this since before I was 17, like 15, and it has ALWAYS been that way. I am in my very early 50s now.

Boy Scouts puts out a magazine called Boy’s Life. Girl Scouts in the US used to put out a magazine called American Girl. Now it’s a magazine by American Girl, the ones who make the dolls. Now, Girl Scouts runs a web site. Girls’ Life, or GL, is allegedly the “official magazine of choice” by GSA, but it is NOT put out by GSA. GL does print the Studio2B minimag. It’s also allegedly the official magazine of Take Your Daughter To Work Day. It’s owned by Girls’ Life Acquisition Company.

When I was a pre-teen, I had a subscription to Brio, and while not Catholic, it is Christian, and stresses modesty, chastity, and other Christian virtues.

THere is a wonderful Catholic girls magazine that is aimed at teen/preteen girls. It is Lilies of St Maria Goretti. It is wonderful magazine my 11 year old loves.

I take issue with Lily’s partnership with Colleen Hammond, as I have big problems with Dressing With Dignity.

OK…I’m lost. Please explain.

Dressing With Dignity is a book by Colleen Hammond. Hammond’s web site is listed on the St. Maria messenger web site.

I do not think there is anything wrong with women’s trousers. I do not think there is anything wrong with all t-shirts that have sayings or ads on them as long as they aren’t lewd or suggestive. I wear sleeveless shirts and blouses, particularly during the summer. I don’t measure the opening of my blouses to be 2 fingertips or less from the pit of my throat. Collen Hammond thinks all those things are necessary to being a Catholic woman of dignity. I don’t, and I don’t want my girls to think so.

Yep. Another early 50’s Mom here. Nothing new. But the OP is right in that it doesn’t hurt to restate the facts for those who have never encountered them before.

mm…where i live we have this b/s mag called ‘Girlfriend’ and thats for about preteens. but i remember browsing through one and they had a small booklet which said - ’ how to kiss your bf’ and the types of lipgloss you should use when kissing him. and then there is another mag called, ‘Dolly’ and thats for about 16yrs and 19yo. I was about 14 when i looked at my friends copy. I remember being mortified about a feature article that talked about this girl who had been raised by lesbians. She said, that it was fine etc etc. i was appalled at the rubbish in those 2 mags. Then for 19y.o to about 25yo there is ‘Cleo,’ but i dont think that is as junky as the previous 2. I think Cleo is more about fashion.
anyways, im happy to say, that iv never owned dolly, gf or cleo.
the most that i bought, when i went through a magazine faze was ‘Disney Adventures’ and that was about 6yrs ago.

I was a Brio reader here too as a pre-teen/teen. I loved the magazine, but it is not Catholic. It is Christian and does have a lot of great things in it and definitely a great alternative to all the trash out there today.

You are not the only one!

Hmmmm now you two have me totally interested in being uninterested. :smiley:

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