Seventh Century Pope was a Muslim

The fables told by some Muslims in efforts to validate their false religion through the logical fallacy of argumenta ad verecudiam are really funny. One such Islamist fable is that one of the popes during Muhammad’s lifetime was a Muslim, but was beaten to death by Christians for pronouncing the shahada and acknowledging that Muhammad was the true prophet.
Roman Pope of Prophet’s era and Benedict XVI - What difference ?
By AKM Moslem Ali
Tue, 3 Oct 2006, 09:19:00

Pope is the Head of Roman Catholic Church and also Bishop of Rome. He is the spiritual leader of the Christian community of the world. Both the Roman Pope of the Prophetic era in the 7th century A.D. and the present Pope Benedict xvi of this 21st century are men of high esteem and regards to the billions of people on earth irrespective of caste or creed They belong to the cadre of the highest rank and file in the society.But where lies the difference in between them is the question in every body’s mind today,whether it is in their outlook, mentality or mind-set with regard to Islam and Mussalman ? Let us investigate.

After the conquest of Mekka, Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) sent letters to all Heads of state, chieftains and religious leaders of the Jews and Christiansin and around Arab Peninsula and its beyond. One such letter written to the Roman Pope of the day, is given below. “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Peace be on him, who believes in Allah. I am of the faith that Isa (Jesus A.S.) son of Marian (Mary) was the spirit of Allah and His word! Allah infused him in the Pious Mariam.”

“I believe in Allah, all His Books and His Commands which he sent to Me and which He sent to Ibrahim, Ismail, Ishaq and Yaqub (S.S.) and their descendants. I also believe in what was given to Musa nod Isa (A.S.) and other prophets by Allah! In faith and belief, we do not differentiate in accepting any of the prophets. We are Muslims (meaning obedient to Allah) Peace be on him who follows the guidance.”

Seal Allah’sProphet

Taken from,“Letters of the Holy Prophet (SWAWS)” Translated by: Sultan Ahmed Qureshi, International Islamic Publishers Karachi- Pakistan. (P.73)

The Pope realized the inner meanings of the letter, and maintained a soft corner for the Prophet (S.W.A.S.). He convened a meeting in the Cathedral. While addressing the congregation, he disclosed the contents of the letter and testified that " there is no God save Allah and that Muhammad (S.W.A.S.) is the servant and Prophet of Allah". This declaration angered and infuriated the people who beat him to such an extent that he died. This people did not think or ponder about the message. They were swept away by their sentiment, false pride and vanity. **For the crime of giving an witness to the Divine Truth reveled to Hazrat Mhammed (SAWS), the Roman Pope gave up his life. **

These sorts of Islamist claims are so easily falsifiable, one wonders why they bother to make them up.

There were 2 popes reigning during Muhammad’s so-called prophethood.

Boniface V: December 23, 619 - October 25, 625

Honorius I: October 27, 625 - October 12, 638

The conquest of Mecca is traditionally supposed to have occurred on 10th of Ramadan, 8 AH, which occurred in 628AD.

How then was Honorious I killed by the Christians, shortly after the conquest of Mecca, and nobody noticed for 10 years? Did his Holyness’s corpse sit on the papal throne for 10 years before someone noticed?

From the article:

If [the Pope] is really sincere in his expression and eager to establish inter religious harmony among different faiths, he should come forward with courage and confidence to say to his people, “Muslims of today are descendents of Jews, Christians or idolaters, who listened to Prophet Muhmmed , gave thoughts , pondered and finally accepted Islam. Similarly, Christians, Jews or idolaters of today are the descendents of those who were not ready to think and ponder about the message of Islam,rather they wanted to wipe out Islam and imposed series of battles on the Prophet.” He should further advise his people by saying, "Time has come for them to show their magnanimity to the Muslims (who are minority, and weak- politically, economically and militarily.) by declaring that they are now compassionate to Muslims and not enemies like their forefathers.

(emphasis mine)

Grrr. not ready to think?! This is what they believe the Holy Father should say to his faithful? Your ancestors were not ready to think?

Sorry, I had to get that off of my chest.

So on topic: Did they have a supposed name for this “pope who was beaten to death?” If they don’t then the supposition that it was Honorious dead on his Papal chair for 10 years must be true!

It is frustrating that the author of the article asks us to search our history, yet no reference is made that could claim to be historically accurate.

I have never heared that story before.

I am a muslim myself . I dont know who you are quoting but unless he gets a proof from an islamic trustworthy source then this might as well be a fantasy tale.


Meedo you should contact him asking for his references.

God bless,

Muslims have a penchant for conspiracy theories and wild stories. If it makes them look good and the Jews and Christians look bad then they will believe it.

The references were given and I will give it again - it’s a Bangladeshi newspaper referencing a book by Sultan Ahmed Qureshi published in Karachi - there’s another edition published in India.…le_31261.shtml

Letters of the Holy Prophet (SWAWS)" Translated by: Sultan Ahmed Qureshi, International Islamic Publishers Karachi- Pakistan. (P.73)

ISBN: 8185738092
Author: Sultan Ahmed Qureshi
Publisher: Noor Publishing, India

Here is the index page where the letter to the pope is listed on page 94.

The pope has to be Honorius I because he was the only pope reigning during the time in question.

What you are quoting is not a reference. Its a book written by someone.

what i am asking for, since you have the book and have quoted from it, is to tell us where we can find that story in the Hadeeth or Seerah.

I have never in my life heared aabout a letter to the pope. I dont think any arab have travelled far up to turkey even not mentioning Rome!!

The letters i know of are one to Ceaser of that time who was in palestine, one to the king of Persia and one to the King of Egypt.

Please get us somthing more than a man in karatchi wrote somthing aboyut islam.


Sultan Ahmed Qureshi is merely the compiler and translator, not the author.

I know you’re talking about the more famous ones to Khusrau, Heraclius, the monks of St Catherine etc. but those are not the only ones, apparently.

It is said he sent MANY letters.

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