Seventh-day Adventist and Mormon similarities

I found here a link to an extensive comparison of the “words” of Joseph Smith and Ellen G. White showing the similarities in their writings.

This was a real eye opener for me as a former SDA.

Any former LDS out there that can vouch for Joseph Smith’s words as related here?

Very eye opening.

These groups come out of the early to mid 1800’s restorationist movement. Like there was this gap, which they cannot objectively define, where the Church disappeared and came back through these people living in America 1800 years later.

People who join just aren’t there academically, and are pulled into the sense of security and righteousness these groups provide.

Yes, the Mormon/Smith references are Mormon sources.

Both LDS and SDA arose from the period of American Enlightenment and the associated restoration movement. I too discovered the similarities, after leaving Mormonism, and had the same eyeopening experience.

Pretty weird though, to see it for the first time. Both claim the same things, teach very similar things, and both have members who are largely ignorant of the other.

I commented about this on a forum that had Protestants ragging on the Roman Church because Kenneth Copeland and others met with the Pope.

I was reading that Paul Harvey, now deceased, but my family and I having great esteem of his commentaries, really thought the founder of the SDA’s as really great.

Have to write down this link and share.

Thank you for answering as far as the Mormon content included here. I am familiar with the SDA sources but wanted to see how accurate they were as far as the Mormon quotes were concerned.

This is from an SDA source. I feel this should probably be shared with current SDA’s to maybe open their eyes to the REAL TRUTH.

I am still in SHOCK with finding this. I NEVER thought that there could be anything like this out there.

The two groups are theologically different in that Mormons are polytheists while SDA’s are Arian monotheist in their theology.

I am aware of the differences in theology (that isn’t what I meant), I am just floored that EGW had so many similarities in her writings.

The more I search, the more my eyes are opened to the fact that I was following a false prophet being SDA. It’s scary. I wish my family could somehow been given some light regarding the truth about SDA.

It wouldn’t be a shock to learn that she had copied themes / ideas and long sentences from J. Smith…
…I think Ellen White has been proven to do this sort of thing from the start of her “prophetic ministry”.
…Good find dremfleur!

What were the regions they lived in and how far apart…weren’t there some kind of folklore going around that took off from Christianity, and that these peoples lived in areas where Catholics were pretty much unknown…except talk about the Roman Church?

I was on a thread with people who would not identify themselves but they sound like Restorationists and with terrible bigotry, toxic.

I just read an article in a SDA magazine showing how EGW was given “in a vision” the place to start the SDA sanatarium in LOMA LINDA, CA. I find it very “interesting” that just a couple of miles down the road was a HUGE population of Mormons.

The more I look, the more I find. Too many weird similarities ( SDA’s copying Mormons…).

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