Seventh Day Adventist Horror.

They corrupt your mind with lies must keep to the sabbath or you have the beast number in your soul. I am a former member who is looking for a true religion that doesn’t base there religion on lies and false Gods/prophets…

We would agree that religion not based on truth principles, reason, as well as authority is bereft of God’s revelation, but let’s not get polemical against a whole faith movement. We should deal in actualities and not in generalities as say “The Catholic Church is the beast of Revelation”. To return accusations with accusations is less than helpful.

The writings of E.G White seem to cloud the lens through which Adventists see Scripture and as protestants go, protest vociferously against authority that was given to St. Peter and handed down to today. The authoritative teaching and principles of reason and philosophy stand in stark contrast to a fear based control, yes a control leveled against Catholicism but the Church proposes, it doesn’t impose, of some cultist groups. Examine Catholicism as the truth of Christ as authoritatively presented and defended with reason and charity. Welcome to CAF.

Zack, here’s a good clue:

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” (John 15:18)

So, if you really want to be hated, like our Master, the doors of the Catholic Church are wide open! And you will find the fullness of truth, and the richness of 2000 years of Christian teachings and people, including the Fathers, and Doctors, and Saints. And soon you will realize that you are finally home. God bless.

The Mormons and Jw are a cult, The SDA are right next to them

Hi Zack8! Welcome!

You will find that truth here, Zack. You came to the right place. Keep seeking the truth. I attended the SDA End Times Prophecy seminar 25 yrs ago, and left the Catholic Church based on those false teachings.

I encourage you to build your house on the Church that is the Rock and it will stand.

Stick around!

Amen to that brother Luke!

Bill I couldn’t agree more,although I would add the adjective dangerous.

Zack8 - What I encourage you to do is really get into the history of the Church. We were not founded by a scoundrel, opportunist of business man like so many of these fringe groups - were are founded by Jesus Christ himself and have been going strong for 2,000 years. We are the Church that preserved the truth all these years and we are the Church that gave the world the bible - the bible that has been dragged through the mud, spit on and torn into tatters by so many other false leaders trying to make a profit or a name for themselves. The bible, the very book we chose to book for and preserved has even been used against by these false leaders.
Get yourself familiar with the early church fathers, those very people who were disciples of the Apostles and many of who met a martyred faith. Learn the history behind the bible and the fact that the beliefs of modern denominations like SDA never existed before modern times - they are inventions like the toaster or the telephone.

For what it’s worth, most Orthodox jurisdictions require SDAs converting to be received by baptism, as their Christology is Arian, teaching that Jesus is the Archangel Micahel incarnate, and not God Incarnate.

If you have any questions about orthodox (little “o”) Christianity or the Orthodox Church, feel free to PM me :slight_smile:

I am a Mormon and former Catholic. I am sorry to see such hate against fellow humans.

What made you leave the SDA’s? Were you born into it?

What Hate are you talking about, Why did you leave the Catjloic and join the Mormon church… Where do you live

If you mean here in your “find the truth here” statement as the Catholic Church, I agree. If by “here” you mean CAF, I think that saying “you will find opinion here” is more appropriate. I am increasingly disillusioned at CAF and think that it should be immediately changed to Predominantly Catholic Opinion Forum. This is my opinion.

Acceptance of error is not love. Again these are opinions of posters based on Catholic theology and teachings that stand in opposition to the theology of SDA and Mormonism. Or more rightly, they stand in opposition, stark opposition and even arrogant, hateful opposition to Catholic theology and Catholics themselves. This is not opinion as there are facts to back it up:

As is clear from some of the beliefs listed above, Adventist theology is intensely anti-Catholic. Many Catholics who do not frequently come in contact with Adventists or their literature do not realize just how hostile they can be toward the Church.

The true charity of Catholic love is expressed in the “correcting the ignorant” but must be done with love. Being nice doesn’t keep your child out of the street, yelling at them does. An overall loving attitude is absolutely necessary as the lack of such is an indication of a “branch” not attached to the “Vine”.

To Bill Pick:

Where am I from?
I was born in Chicago and raised in a NW suburb. Both my parents and my aunts and uncles attended Catholic schools in Chicago. I went to public school. I faithfully attended CCD every Saturday, and I faithfully went to mass every Sunday and Holy Day of obligation. I went to confession regularly. I read the books given to me and the most recent one given to my 16 year old nephew, I forgot the name of it but I read it 2x. It’s given to all the teens before their confirmation.

Do I consider myself a good Catholic when I was Catholic? I did the best I could.

Why am I LDS?
I don’t like to share my conversion w/just anybody. It is personal and private and I don’t want my experience to be made fun of, ridiculed or spat upon or made light of. I read what others say about Mormon beliefs and I would rather be a friend than give fodder for contention.

I think you did the best you think you could do but , did you read the catechism of the CC,did you learn any thing about the necessty for baptism,did you learn about the Church,Did you learn about Apostolic Succession and the list just keeps going on.

Did the Mormons teach you about Joseph Smith.
did they tell you it is not christian
did they tell Smith was not a prophet
did they tell they do not beieve in the Trinity and most Christians do
did they tell yoi they baptism for the dead.
did they tell you Smith is more important tha Jesus Christ
Are they telling you it is the true church of Jesus Christ
Check all I said out and then Check some more, its not the church for you ckeck it is a CULT

baecalzol, I just went back to our post and see that you live in Charoltte NC I all so live in Charlotte, so I hope I was not to rude, Please let me help you all I can but all I said is true,is it okay to send you a private e.Mail,stay in touch

If they’re going to insist on keeping that law, then they have to keep the lot, including the old dietary laws, stoning adulterers and all the rest. The fact is that from the very earliest days of the Church, Christians have worshipped on Sundays, the first day of the week, because that is when Christ rose from the dead.

I’m a former Protestant, mainly of Presbyterian influence, although that’s not quite the whole truth, since the most influential pastor in my life was of Methodist training.

From experience in several Protestant churches to a greater or lesser extent, including Presbyterian, Wesleyan Methodist, Baptist, Anglican and the occasional visit to an “evangelical” church (AOG, Church of Christ etc.), as far as I’m concerned the Catholic Church is CLOSEST to the truth. I have a couple of disagreements with it, but not enough to leave.

In any case there’s really nowhere else to go.

Well you know, many Protestants call the Catholic Church a cult, and I know I don’t appreciate it, to put it mildly. And when I heard that I never thought to myself, “Oh my, am I part of a cult?” Point being, you’re not going to persuade anyone like that, it will just offend them - the infamous “clanging gong”.

And my experiences with Mormons have been nothing but good. Salt Lake City was the friendliest, most welcoming city I’ve ever been to. And the Mormons who come here are the friendliest non-Catholics here. And I greatly appreciated the support Mormon churches gave to defeating the homosexual marriage initiative in my state - to the point of having the mobs of Sodom surrounding their temple. But yes, I’ve heard some of the horror stories of those inside that church, especially when they tried to leave. But I’ll leave that for God to sort out, and simply point out the truth to those who will listen, or can listen; like the fact that the Apostles told us that anyone preaching a different Gospel or a different Christ is not from God. And so those of us who believe in Jesus Christ, and those He sent to us, should reject any church other than the Church He Himself founded on St. Peter the Rock, 2000 years ago, which the Gates of Hell will not prevail against. May God bless all of His people, and lead them home to Him.

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