Several Arrests Made Amid Black Lives Matter Protest at Mall of America


Several arrests were made amid protests by the Black Lives Matter group at the Mall of America in Minnesota, officials said.
Protesters moved their demonstration to the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport this afternoon after they were forced out of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, where four were arrested.

The airport protesters caused “significant traffic backups,” the airport said on its Twitter account. It also temporarily closed Terminal 2 checkpoints to “prevent protesters from gaining access to secure area.”

                                   These people have a right to protest, but when they block traffic and try and shutdown shopping areas they should be arrested. In the Chicago area they seem to get way too much leeway from the police. The response on Black Friday was a disgrace.


It is interesting that more than 90% of the Minneapolis “Black Lives Matter” people appeared to be well dressed white people.


That’s funny, and there facebook page appears to confirm that Maybe they should protest there own group until it recruits more blacks :smiley:


You don’t have to be Black to see the human dignity of Black lives. On the contrary you have to respect and protect that human dignity if you are a true Catholic.


All lives matter, that’s why my votes are for life.


There are better ways to respect and protect human dignity than to act like an idiot and try to stop people from shopping and getting on planes.


Though maybe you have to be something other than a privileged kid home from college to respect duly legislated, just laws, and other people’s property rights and right to travel?


Why is it interesting that they are “well dressed” and “white”?


When traffic is tied up, emergency vehicles are delayed, including ambulances. A few people suffer. When libraries are disrupted and classes shut down, disabled students, and students studying to work with disabled persons, are impacted. This is just an example of bullying: we will physically inconvenience, sometimes hurt you, because we are stronger than you are. I have not seen examples of racists in particular being harmed; just ordinary people, who were not as physically strong as the demonstrators.


I have no idea what the end game would be for this movement. If it is to create distance between police and black neighborhoods, this will be a victory for black criminals only.


:rotfl: I haven’t seen the coverage, but that made me laugh!


I couldn’t agree more!


They’re at it again. Black Lives Matters and other protesters attempting to cause problems for last minute shoppers along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Police response to this should be proportional, meaning you don’t crack heads when protesters sit down in the street or attempt to block store entrances, but you should arrest them when they refuse to heed warnings. So far only the former is being observed.


I would love it their message was that every life matters, from conception to natural death.

I would love it if people could get past their own racism and see real diversity; that every individual is unique and valuable from the moment of conception, with an immortal soul destined to be united with the Creator, or to choose eternal separation from God.

I would love it abortion was not the leading cause of death for the children of black mothers and that children born to black mothers were not denied the basic human right to a stable, loving, two parent family at double the rate of children born to white mothers.

Is that too much to ask for?


Over 17 million African American lives have been lost since Roe vs Wade. However, I would qualify your statement, emphasizing that all children have an equal right to life. Their right to life is the same, regardless of whether there is a stable, loving, two parent family, or not. I hear where you are coming from, that African Americans, like the rest of Americans, are hurt by the breakdown of the family. But we need to be clear about the right to life being inherent in their creation by God. That right is not affected by the very important factors you refer to.

Much of the pro abortion campaign plays on that social theme: supposing that all children have a “right” to a stable, loving, family with married parents. Therefore since some unborn children lack that situation, their “right to life” is less; perhaps none at all. This is the same argument that since all children have a “right” to freedom from all disability, therefore if an unborn is identified with a disability then society is justified in aborting.

I am sure your heart is in the right place, but cautioning that bad people whose hearts are not in the right place have used every nook and cranny in our argument to build their counter argument, for the culture of death.


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