🤢 Several Pence aides, including chief of staff Marc Short, test positive for coronavirus

Several Pence aides, including chief of staff Marc Short, test positive for coronavirus

(CNN)Several aides to Vice President Mike Pence, including his chief of staff, have tested positive for coronavirus, CNN has confirmed.

The vice president’s office announced Saturday evening that chief of staff Marc Short was diagnosed with Covid-19. Sources told CNN that Marty Obst, a senior adviser to Pence who is not a government employee, and another aide in Pence’s office also tested positive for the virus.

The vice president’s office has not provided comment to CNN on Obst or the staffer in Pence’s office who tested positive for Covid-19 in recent days.

The developments raise new questions about safety protocols and transparency within the White House as the pandemic has killed more than 224,000 Americans.

The news comes just over a week before Election Day amid a blitz of campaign stops for Pence, who leads the White House coronavirus task force, including the vice president’s trips to Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire in the last week.

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Mike Pence’s schedule will not change since finding out Marc Short, who has been close by Pence throughout campaigning, tested positive for COVID-19.

Just love this one! How horrible the WH is for NOT responding to CNN :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

How do we know anyone on Biden’s side hasn’t tested positive? We know they will never admit it, the MSM will never report it, so how do we know? Doesn’t the American public have just as much right to know about the health of those on the Biden/Harris team as it does to know on the Trump/Pence team?

Yes, the Covid rises…

I knew it ! Wuhan is not ground zero… The Trump administration is !


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I don’ think that it is necessarily an expression of non-response being bad. It is not unusual in journalism for there to be an attempt to reach out to those involved in the story to allow them to have some input on the story, even if that input is something that disagrees with a story; some consider it appropriate that if a story is about someone that there is an attempt to speak to that someone.

No, the hilarious part is that someone at CNN probably wrote that with a straight face, like why wouldn’t the WH respond with a comment about the issue to CNN. The CNN that is a joke of news media outlet, the CNN that cannot get a story right no matter what. That someone actually expected the WH to respond? :rofl: :rofl:

It’s not uncommon for there to be no incentive or reason for a party to respond to a journalist. Nevertheless, an attempt to reach out and request information is a matter of course. For example:

Reuter’s Handbook of Journalism

BBC Editorial Guidelines

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I don’t believe you understand what I am saying. Over the last four years CNN has done nothing but ridicule, mock, and flat out lie about the Trump administration. That CNN would have any expectation of a response is what is so funny.

I get the norms of journalism, that is not what I’m talking about at all.

I don’t know that they had an expectation of a response.

Making Mike Pence your Coronavirus Taskforce head (or Betsy DeVos as your Secretary of Education) is like having e.e. cummings head The Society for the Advancement of Capital Letters.

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I pray for their recovery with no long term issues.

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