Severe Thunderstorms Headed Our Way


Hi everyone. I live in Southern Indiana and we have some severe thunderstorms headed our way. We’re under a severe thunderstorm watch until 8 AM Eastern. Please pray that these storms do not cause any significant damage to life or property. Thank you.


My Prayers are assured

Saint Medard Patron Saint Against Bad Weather
[drawing of Saint Medard]

Also known as
Medard of Noyon
8 June
Son of Nectardus, a Frankish noble, and Protagia, Gallo-Roman nobility. Brother of Saint Gildardus, Bishop of Rouen, France. Pious youth and excellent student, educated at Saint-Quentin. Often accompanied his father on business to Vermand and to Tournai, and frequented the schools there. Ordained at age 33.

Reluctant bishop of Vermand in 530; in 531, he moved his see to Noyon, which was further from border clashes. Bishop of Tournai in 532; the union of the two dioceses lasted until 1146. Gave the veil to Queen Saint Radegund. Medardus was one of the most honoured bishops of his time, his memory has always been venerated in northern France, and he soon became the hero of numerous legends.

Each year on his feast at Rosiere, the young girl who has been judged the most exemplary in the district is escorted by 12 boys and 12 girls to the church, where she is crowned with roses and given a gift of money. This is a continuation of a yearly stipend or "scholarship" he apparently instituted when bishop.

Legend says that when he was a child, Medard was once sheltered from the rain by a hovering eagle. This is his most common depiction in art, and led to his patronage of good weather, against bad weather, for people who work the fields, etc. Legend has it that if it rains on his feast day, the next 40 days will be wet; if the weather is good, the next 40 will be fine as well. He was also depicted as laughing aloud with his mouth wide open; this led to his patronage against toothache. 

c.456 at Salency, Picardy, France
8 June 545 at Noyon, France
relics at the royal manor of Crouy at the gates of Soissons; Benedictine abbey built over his tomb
against bad weather


Praying for you and all others safety.


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