Sewing Patterns for Altar Servers robes


First time entry. Googling to find a sewing pattern for Altar Server robes and was led to Catholic Answers so I thought I’d give it a try. Having a home sewing business, my Pastor asked if I would make new altar server robes. Can anyone suggestion a place where I could find a pattern? I can copy the old ones, but a pattern would be much better. Thanks.

The garment you are interested in is called an** alb**. I googled "alb sewing patterns" and found this:

Hope this helps.

The woman who runs the Church Linens website is also very helpful. She has given classes on sewing altar linens and vestments for many years. If you have questions, send her an e-mail.

I saw that site, it says, the deacons stole.
hmm, the deacons stole what? lol

I assume you mean albs.

However, some parishes prefer cassock and surplice.

The challenge here is that the cassock is pretty much a fitted garment and requires much more tailoring than does an alb. It's NOT for the squeamish or amateur. I know a priest who could make beautiful vestments, but his attempts at cassocks never fitted or hung properly.

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