Sex abuse of bishops and legitimate ecclesiastical authority to initiate a penal action


Who is the ecclesiastical authority to which an adult sex abuse by a bishop must be reported?


why not just report to the police


I want to know about the ecclesiastical penal system in this


That is the straightforward approach and I think if it had been followed many problems would have been stopped. Yes it is the Church, but individual clergy (like the laity) are also subject to criminal law.


Agreed. Do you have anything to speak about ecclesiastical penal action


canon law is being changed so that these sorts of crimes do not sit under the moral law canon.

I cannot remember what they are being changed to but it will be a criminal act.

stay tuned.


‘Adult sex abuse’ is it involves a person in authority abusing their power to gain sexual access to another may or may not be criminal. Assuming the sexual acts themselves are not unlawful where they take place, some acts could be criminal if there was not consent (rape) or information about infections was not shared etc. If it is a matter of someone taking advantage of their position of power to influence another, but not forcing them, to take part in sex it may be a breach of businesses or organisations internal policies and constitute sexual harassment.


It’s the pope isn’t it?


The papal nuncio.


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