Sex Addiction

I have often been amazed at how people with very responsible positions in the community expose themselves to arrest and public humiliation by their behavior. Perhaps this explains it. The question is, what causes them to become addicts? Once addictewd what is the moral culpability?

The causes are many, but one action that is considered a predictor is sexual abuse, particularly in the pre-teen and early teen years, and particularly if the abuser is someone familiar.

Everytime I hear about something like this I’m reminded of Jesus saying that anyone who hurts a child, it would be better for them if they had never been born.

As for moral culpability, there can’t be a blanket statement. Moral culpability is reduced, but not eliminated, and the person will have to be working with their priest as well as their therapist.


I am amazed and astounded at the way people claim “addiction addiction” to slough off guilt for their transgressions

If it’s an addiction, it will take away some of the guilt of the sin, but not all of it, for evil is evil and not good. It is necessary to be washed in the Fountain of Mercy. Let us pray to God for Mercy for all those throughout the world who have souls entrusted to them, no matter who or what they may be.

Take God out of the picture and you have people acting on their own free will. Many people don’t want God in their lives because God takes away everything they want to experiment with.

Some people believe everyone should do what ever nature tells them to do. They want to turn back to the days of the Roman orgies. They don’t want other people making them feel guilty of their desires. Today we are becoming more of a “Me” society. It’s all about me. “What I want.” “I don’t need God.” “I have to do what I want.” “I am in a selfish stage.”

They don’t realize this “Me” thinking is so selfish it only leads to their own self destruction. They won’t find happiness just thinking about themselves. You can’t find happiness hopping from bed to bed. You will just find that you can never be satisfied by this. Your life is empty without God. You are the walking dead and don’t realize it.

What kind of environment is this to raise our future generations? Where will it all lead with the children? They are starting younger and younger and do by example.

God, please forgive them. They know not what they do.

Have you ever had an addiction?

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