Sex after hysterectomy


My wife had a hysterectomy a few years ago due to a medical issue, not out of a desire to prevent conception. However, the doctor apparently left her ovaries in tact, saying that it is usually better to do so when nothing is wrong with the ovaries.

I realize that Church teaching does not forbid hysterectomies that are medically necessary, nor does it forbid sterile, married couples from having sexual intercourse. But my concern is this – if my wife’s ovaries are still functioning, is it possible that an egg could be fertilized, thereby becoming a new human being, who would then immediately die because it had no place to implant itself? And if fertilization is possible but conception not, does this make sexual intercourse wrong?

I’ve read in various places that sex after a hysterectomy is permissible, but none address the question of fertilization.


I’m no medical specialist but I believe the sperm would not be able to reach the egg as its ‘route’ through the uterus has gone. I don’t think the scenario you describe is possible but obviously to put your minds at rest you should check with your doctor(s)…


That’s really a question for her doctor.


The doctor can’t really speak to the morality question.


No it’s not an issue. It is perfectly fine to be intimate with your wife.

Medically the chances of sperm fertiizing an egg in this situation is virtually nil. If she still has her Fallopian tubes it is a 1:1M chance that an ectopic pregnancy might occur. She should talk to her doctor.

But, it is still not immoral to have relations.


The doctor can certainly speak to the fertilization question.


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