Sex after Mass on Sunday?

An issue came up between my wife and I about having sex on Sunday. I told her that sex before Mass on Sunday morning was bad for my dedication to Jesus and the Eucharist, but maybe it’s okay on Sunday afternoon? Is there a Church teaching in this for married coupled?

No, there is no church teaching on this.

The martial act is central to unity of a couple. So long as you are both following church teaching about the act itself (ordered towards life, no inappropriate acts, etc) then you should not have reservations about being intimate before or after the Eucharist.

That being said, if you want to abstain prior to receiving, there is nothing wrong with that as a sign of dedication to Christ; however, I would hold no qualms about love making afterwards.

No, you’re good. Have fun!

It’s OK, just not in the aisle!:thumbsup:

Is there a Church rule against enjoying a good meal on Sunday?

A rule against reading a great book?

Against watching a nice movie?

Against listening to beautiful music?

Against having a swim in a hidden mountain lake?

Against enjoying one’s particular hobby?

Against picking ripe plums off a tree with your children? (I’m especially concerned about this one since our plum tree is overflowing this year :))

I don’t know if this applies to Church teaching, but according to Judaism, having sex on the Sabbath is considered a blessing since the Sabbath is a time of enjoying one’s state of being rather than the act of doing things to improve the world. Therefore sex, eating, napping and other aspects that focus on being are essential.

Where’s the Church teaching that says a married Catholic couple cannot have sex on Sundays?

Before Mass… OK
After Mass… Ok
During Mass… NOT OK!!!

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